What does this dream with Leonardo DiCaprio mean?

I had a dream that I was in an attic with Leonardo DiCaprio and there was a lot of straw and there were these strange gooey creatures trying to get up to the attic and they were all sorts of bright colors. And then he was trying to find a way for us to escape but there wasn't a way and then like 8 kids appeared and they were all crying and Leonardo DiCaprio took them away somewhere. Then my crush appeared and we had s*x. This dream has been haunting me. I know it sounds SO lame but literally I keep having this dream every night.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The attic is traditionally the higher self. Straw is a threat of emptiness and failure. Strange gooey creatures would be something unclean that you felt you needed to escape and the bright colors represent energy. Leonardo DiCaprio would be symbolizing your will(leo). the 8 children crying means you still need to develop your talents as the children would be creations of yours and the number 8 is the number of infinity. Your creative self (leo) was able to take care of children and Sex is also a creative act in a dream and your crush is the masculine part of your self you are very in touch with.

    So you need to read over this real slow because it's complicated but essentially you are getting in touch with the spiritual ly creative higher part of yourself but you still have immature parts of yourself that need to grow and the masculine part of your spirit (will) should help with this. The sex act is a completion of this process

    Source(s): Dream symbos and interpretation hope this helps
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    You have the hots for DiCaprio

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    No, I swear.

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