I want to go to Frank Sinatra High School?

I'm in 8th grade right now & I'm gonna move back to NY in a couple months, I haven't auditioned to get in yet. I want to do Fine Arts but I've never taken an Art class, I had Art in elementary school but that's basically it. My art teacher said I had talent & that I should study Art. A lot of people say I draw really nice but I'm worried because I don't know anything about "Art", I just draw well. I love the Arts though, music and everything else & I REALLY want to get in. Any advice? Also, do you need to be very smart to get in? I'm a pretty good student, like average. Do you think I can get accepted?

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    10 years ago
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    Sinatra has a cut off for your academic scores. They want you to score above a certain grade in both math and english in your 7th grade year (I forget if the score you have be above is 80 or 85.)

    I don't know if you can still audition for Sinatra. The specialized schools (including Laguardia, the specialized school for art) have ways to allow kids who just moved to the city to either take the specialized schools test (the SHSAT) or audition for Laguardia in August. But I don't know if you can apply to the selective arts schools at the same time. You should contact your borough enrollment office and ask about this.

    If you do apply to Sinatra (or any competitive school for art) in the visual arts, you will need to submit a portfolio and then audition for the school. Auditioning means different things in different schools, but it certainly means you will have to draw something while you are there and they will tell you exactly what and how. If you contact the school, they can tell you what they expect at the audition as well as what is expected in the portfolio.

    My daughter got into both Sinatra and Laguardia last year, but I really don't remember what the different requirements are.

    Good luck.

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