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Have you ever met a sociopath, narcissist or psychopath? Do you have any stories to share?

Please do share. I'm interested.


@ Mag, thanks for giving me the opportunity to report you.

Update 2:

@ Out, stories?

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    No, but I have met people who were accused of being such things ignorantly.

    There is this one kid in my math class. He claimed to be one of the best students in the class and his grade indicated he was. Soon after your typical wanna be psychologist know it all claimed he was a narcissist when he wasn't. She probably just heard the word on tv and wanted to use it to sound " smart ".There were various other experiences like that.

    One person I know got labeled a sociopath because he said he wasn't interested in a relationship at this time with a certain girl.

    One girl I know got called a psychopath because she laughed at a dead baby joke.

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  • 3 years ago

    i'm a trainee psychological well-being nurse so I surely have met all 3. memories of actual human beings like that may no longer as spectacular as you think of. For psychopaths for occasion they do no longer pass around killing human beings, they only would be unable to comprehend feeling. they at the instant are not all awl murderers. in certainty maximum do o.k. in company as they haven't any difficulty firing human beings as they do no longer sense guilt. are not getting your hopes as much as extreme, actual memories very hardly have a grizzly end......except you're gazing a action picture.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, a Psychopath, i actually still see him every now and again, he constantly has conversations with himself, he reacts with extreme exitement when someone initiates a conversation with him and almost snaps into a stage of shock when they do. He also has bursts of spontinanity with actions, like he will slide into a body builder pose, or he will smash his knuckles together, he usually thinks no one is watching when he does this.

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  • 9 years ago

    yep, he used to cut the bottoms of my feet so that i should have been unable to run.i would still try to run but it usually hurt too bad to get far and the blood left tracks that were easy to follow. i learned to hide very well i was small enough to fit into the walls. my childhood is chock full of such things and this one was another child who was my own age and the worst as no one believed me.

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  • 9 years ago

    o yes....unfortunately

    my former boss is a psychopath.

    he is very charming, good oratory person.

    he has impulsive acts, criminal behavior, repeated lying and deceit, a disregard for professional or financial obligations, and rationalizing the way he harm others

    he is also master manipulators , pathological liar, very deceitful. constantly plotting.

    he is bad to the bone

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