How do I get my baby out of my pelvis! Ouchh?

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She's ben very low these past few days and it feels uncomfortable. I would rather her be up more, idnt like when she's right there because of my pants. How do I get her to more

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  • answered 3 years ago
    You can't. I'm 29 weeks and I have gone to my OB twice about crawling around my damn floor because it feels like my lady bits are cramping up and being punched, not to mention sciatic nerve. She is so low it even hurts to walk. I wish there was a magic fix to just poke your belly and move her on over, but there's not. I was told to get a pregnancy pillow, which does help for sleeping, and a belly band, which doesn't really do anything. Today the OB told me to make a Physical Therapy appt to learn stretches to try and lessen the pain. Try the and and the pillow and see if it helps, but sadly, theres nothing you can do to move that little baby
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