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How to get high dps as a fury warrior in WoW?

Whats the best rotation to use to achieve high dps?

Also any attacks I should be using in other stances other than beserker

And also anything else I should know to get high dps

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    To get max DPS as a fury warrior:

    1. Whirlwind

    2. Blood Thirst

    3. Slam (only if it procs)

    -Cleave (if above 50 rage and multiple mobs)

    -Heroic Strike (if above 50 rage and single target)

    -Victory rush and HT if it procs

    -Spam Execute when mob/boss is below 20%

    No! Use berserker stance as it increase your DPS by 10%

    Stack some Armor Pen.

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    all you need to do is blood thirst ALL THE TIME whirlwind when you have a large mob on you for aoe and hit every proc, but blood thirst and melee and procs is about it.

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