What?? Death Penalty?

I actually think this comic explains it all http://www.cartoonstock.com/lowres/hsc0120l.jpg

Life is precious, people can always change.

One of my favorite saints, Maria Goretti, forgave her murderer and rapist on her deathbed, he went on to become a great man. Would killing him have done anything?

It seems to me people are playing God when they decide that a person is not worthy of living anymore.

I just hope you see the hypocrisy of killing someone because they killed someone.



So you determine when someone is worthy of living...

And no, it doesn't make you a hypocrite in my eyes, the definition of hypocrite makes you a hypocrite.

Update 2:

His name was Alessandro Serenelli

After his prision sentance, he repented and lived out the rest of his life as a humble monk. The girls mother even forgave him.

To forgive is divine people

Update 3:

@the person who asked what if they get out and kill again?

Well, you ask yourself, what if the person gets out and cures cancer?

Both bad arguements ay?

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    Thanks for the link.

    I’m against the death penalty not because of sympathy for criminals but because it isn’t effective in reducing crime, costs a whole lot more than life in prison, and, worst of all, risks executions of innocent people.

    The worst thing about it. Errors:

    The system can make tragic mistakes. In 2004, the state of Texas executed Cameron Todd Willingham for starting the fire that killed his children. The Texas Forensic Science Commission found that the arson testimony that led to his conviction was based on flawed science. As of today, 138 wrongly convicted people on death row have been exonerated. DNA is rarely available in homicides, often irrelevant (as in Willingham’s case) and can’t guarantee we won’t execute innocent people. Capital juries are dominated by people who favor the death penalty and are more likely to vote to convict.

    Keeping killers off the streets for good:

    Life without parole, on the books in most states, also prevents reoffending. It means what it says, and spending the rest of your life locked up, knowing you’ll never be free, is no picnic. Two big advantages:

    -an innocent person serving life can be released from prison

    -life without parole costs less than the death penalty

    Costs, a surprise to many people:

    Study after study has found that the death penalty is much more expensive than life in prison. The high costs of the death penalty are for the complicated legal process, with the largest costs at the pre-trial and trial stages. The point is to avoid executing innocent people. The tremendous expenses in a death penalty case apply whether or not the defendant is convicted, let alone sentenced to death.

    Crime reduction (deterrence):

    The death penalty doesn't keep us safer. Homicide rates for states that use the death penalty are consistently higher than for those that don’t. The most recent FBI data confirms this. For people who lack a conscience, fear of being caught is the best deterrent.

    Who gets it:

    Contrary to popular belief, the death penalty isn't reserved for the worst crimes, but for defendants with the worst lawyers. It doesn't apply to people with money. Practically everyone sentenced to death had to rely on an overworked public defender. How many people with money have been executed??


    People assume that families of murder victims want the death penalty imposed. It isn't necessarily so. Some are against it on moral grounds. But even families who have supported the death penalty in principle have testified to the protracted and unavoidable damage that the death penalty process does to families like theirs and that life without parole is an appropriate alternative.

    It comes down to whether we should keep a system for the sake of retribution or revenge even though it isn’t effective in reducing violent crime, costs much more than alternatives and, worst of all, can lead to the nightmare of executing someone for a crime he didn’t commit.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I cannot understand how anyone can support teh death penalty. I feel nothing but revulsion at the idea of having the state kill someone in absolutley cold blood. Having said this I don't agree with your other points. I see no need for anyone to forgive someone who has raped and killed them. Would killing him have done anything? Well wanting someone to pay for an terrible crime is not unreasonable. There is also the point that you want to deter others from doing the same thing.

    I don't believe in god so I can't agree with the "playing god " aspect. Neither do I think its hypocrisy to kill someone who has killed someone else. There is a big difference between killing someone who has done nothing and killing someone who is a murderer. What I object to in the death penalty is the cold blooded idea of the state killing, the possibility of an error being made and there being no way of righting that error, the horror of someone sitting around waiting to die in a prison cell, the effect of killing someone on the people who do it.

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    I have to say I disagree with the death penalty. I understand that it is meant to discourage other people from committing the same crimes, but does that really constitute taking someone's life? If it was decided outside of the courtroom, it would be considered murder, so why isn't it? What happens if it is discovered after the person has been put to death that they were wrongfully convicted? What then? Can you bring them back to life and say "I'm sorry?" No. I don't think we have the right to kill other people. None of us are perfect. Just think of all the skeletons in your closet.

  • 10 years ago

    Nah, murder has existed ever since humans have existed. In fact a number of species kill their own for various reasons. I'm not saying its a good thing but its not an unnatural thing. Yes it may be hypocritical but it is also a safety measure... take Jeffrey Dahmer, a mass murdering cannibalistic necrophiliac psychopath. The man was twisted beyond belief and not safe to put back in society. Should we forgive such beings and let them live when they themselves have zero respect for the lives of others? I think not.

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  • 10 years ago

    It was the God Yahweh who gave us the ok to play God when we put humans to death who's crimes fall under the death penalty as punishment. Yahweh considers the death penalty an act of justice not an act of murder. There is a big difference you know.

  • 10 years ago

    without the death penalty people would not always be concerned about the price they might have to pay for the death they caused another

  • 10 years ago

    I agree actually.

    What does the death penalty brings besides revenge?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    that isn't hypocrisy. if a member of society is killing other members of society the only just thing to do is to usher him/her to their fate.

    God is in favor of capital punishment. know how i know that? because isaiah says it pleased Him to put His Son to death for our sins. in liberating us, God hung in brutal agony upon a roman crucifix. the law of God demands that we owe Him our lives. the wages for sin is death.

    and by the way who determines what a great man is?? what does it matter what we say about him/her if God says something completely different? all people are capable of great and good things. but they are also capable of great and evil things. the state bears the sword in order to hinder acts of evil.

  • BC
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    10 years ago

    Playing god? Not me. I just believe in revenge. Makes me feel a whole lot better.

  • 10 years ago

    I'm sure Mr Jeffrey Dahmer was a swell guy after he became a "reborn christian" too

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