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please help me out...creepy friend?


we played on the same baseball team 4 years in a row. after our last season we started hanging a little (one time) the one time we hung out we talked about getting an appartement together since we were going to same college, i told him it prob wont work out so dont get your hopes up. since that day in august we havent hung out, but still txted and played xbox together.


probably since around september he has made it a habbit on when to ask when im free to hang which is ok hes a friend right? wrong. he txt me daily asking to hang and when im free, if i dont respond like if im at work or something he sends more and more txt sounding apologetic saying stuff like "Im not trying to sound obsesseive dude i wanna hang." now if i dont respond to that txt he will say "that wasnt supposed to sound mean, im sorry" now if i dont respond to that one he says "hellooo?im sorry when r u free?" and soo on. so while this was going on about 5/7 times of the week he would also write on my facebook and comment on everything my friends post. his new habbit that probably started in decemeber is "liking" everything, my status',stuff my gf post and friends post. i occasionally post status about work or my gf like "ripped my pants today at work just like (name i cant say)" and he would like it. than id post status to my gf "i love (name i cant say)" and he would like em.

im not trying to sound like im dramatic about whats on my facebook wall, but when someone satys up from 1am-4am to like everything u did from may-feburary it gets creepy. and i cant deal with the txt at 3am or 5am cuz he cant sleep. he just randomly txt me saying whens the next time we can hang. lol guess who just txted me at 2:37am saying "hey dude sorry for sounding mean but i need to hang with u lol". im pretty sure he isnt gay, but why is he doing this?

but to add to this idk if hes just trying to sound tough or funny, but he keeps saying stuff like "when are u free chach or another bad word.." im so sick of it and starting today he jsut started calling me...

what can i do? should i tell him to back off? hes adding all my friends asking why im not txting him and even tried adding my gf my gf said " i dont want him creeping me out so dont let him add me on facebook" its really starting to become a problem. it feels like he just wants to make me proud of him?

Please help me!



1.I have tried to set him up with a girl, he just got way to attached/obsessed before they even met.

2. my schedule during the week is pretty full, i work 32hrs, have classes 4 days a week, and have to see my gf and do my homework

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    my husbands friend is the same way, he wouldnt stop no matter how much we ignored him. finally in a polite way my husband told him "listen im married,, but u can say im in a relationship and the free time i do have when im not working is to spend with her, but if and when i have a free minute for the guys ill hit u up but its not necessary to ask every day bc u and i both know i cant chill every day" maybe a nice approach might get rid of him.

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    I've had friends like this before and I know it sounds mean but you gotta tell him to chill out with the texts/calls/facebook because it sounds border line obsessive behaviour.

    I'm not saying he's gay, maybe a friend or an ex has let him down a lot in the past and may be frightened of losing you as a friend & if you've showed enough interest in him to say something about possibly moving in together he has took that to mean you are good friends.

    The only way is to tell him, or suggest hanging with a group of friends so he gets to know other people and not just you orrr try setting him up on a date with one of your girlfriend's mates?

    G'Luck x

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    Whaaat a creep. The same thing happened to me, so I just had to break it down easy for um. You gotta say it soon or else it gets a lot worse. Good luck, say how you feel but me a little nicer about it, or else this is just going to keep going on...

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    Man that is creepy...well what I would just tell him straight out that when your not working your with your girlfriend, or with your other friends. And if he doesn't accept that then just tell him to lighten up on the texting you and stuff, that's it's really freaking you out. Now if he starts to come to your place of work, or to your home uninvited, then you seriously need to call the police and tell them whats up!

    Good luck!

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    say dude back the **** off

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