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State Farm House insurance same as auto insurance?

My husband and I have had State Farm insurance for 2 years. We just received our home owner's insurance and it dropped in half! (Going from $603 to $300/every six months). When I inquired about it my agent said that it was because we were claim free for two+ years. Awesome! I'm watching my mail box for my auto insurance bills to come this month. Again, we've been "claim free"...price drop???


I forgot I dropped my State Farm business insurance (which was bundled with my home owners). Therefore the drop wasn't in half...more like $100-$150 drop.

Yes, I did contact my agent. He said that it was for being claim free for over 2 years. No other issues with my policy.

I didn't figure I'd get much of a break on the vehicles. Wishful thinking though!!! We do get multi-policy and safe driver so we're probably maxed out of cool discounts;). Still wish they were cheaper though. $1,000 in extra bills suck!

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    State Farm Fire and Casualty Company and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company are two separate companies. When one has a rate decrease, it doesn't correlate with the other. The same applies to rate increases.

    You may have just experienced the multi-line discount increase which essentially means the discounts you are getting have gotten bigger, combined with the fact you're now entitled to a claim free discount...double discounts. The increased multi-line discount has recently increased in several states within the State Farm companies.

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    I would not expect there to be as significant a price drop on the auto side, discounts just dont apply as much to auto insurance, sorry.

    That seems like a pretty steep drop on the homeowners, you might want to confirm that nothing on your policy has changed.

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    It depends on what state you live in. Discounts on each policy type will vary by state.

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