Roughly how much would a coach to Reading Festival from Norwich cost?

i want to know so that i can save money etc...

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  • 10 years ago
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    Looking at the National Express website, you could get a coach for around £48 if you book early, otherwise it'd be around £70. However I don't think that you can book for August yet so perhaps you could email or phone them to ask.

  • naylor
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    4 years ago

    in spite of the certainty that the getting the tickets on the bus is particularly soreness the certainty that throughout my adventure, a) the instructor park is a lot closer to the campsite then a excellent form of the carparks b) you dont ought to project approximately your motor vehicle or take a seat interior the site visitors c) the super difficulty I went to leeds final yer and sat interior the carpark from 9am monday morning till ultimately 5pm monday nite whilst my mate boarded there bus at 11am slept and have been abode by 2pm for my area getting the bus isn't any undesirable difficulty, x

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