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Can I go to the 53rd annual Grammy awards show, the red carpet premiere?

I want to go to the red carpet premiere you know where the famous ppl go walking n taking pictures & stuff. do i have to be there early? do i have to buy tickets to just be in the premiere not the show? Please! POINTS!!! thanks,

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  • george
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    9 years ago
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    Unfortunately, no. Tickets to the Grammys aren't available to the public. It's by invitation-only.

    (You can, however, get tickets to the American Music Awards.)

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    Attending an awards practice is oftentimes the equivalence of boredom. the extremely some after-events, possibly, could be appealing to bypass to with a view to mingle with the stars and musicians, however the relatively Grammies could be an uneventful affair and that i do in comparison to truly some the artists pushed there besides. Wrestlemania for me.

  • 9 years ago

    But don't count on getting tickets This late- advice planning Months ahead next time

  • Anonymous
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