Is Ps3 better than XboX 360?

I have a ps3, but most of my friends own a 360.Personally I don't like 360.ADVICE???

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    10 years ago
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    XBOX's failer rate is high and PS3' online cost is free .

    No doubt XBOX has some good titles that are not on the ps3 like gears of war, left 4 dead , halo and loads more.And even XBOX has a better CONTROLLER than a PS3 has.

    But PS3 have more exclusive titles that are amazing.The PS3 has better games and their exclusives blow any xbox exclusives out of the water. PS3 has Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, inFamous, God of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. The PlayStation network is free compared to a fee of Xbox Live.

    PS3 is the best system out right now and it's a Sony product, what more do you need to know? Better quality, better games, better graphics, lasts longer, free online play and it's a blu-ray player .

    PS3 realy rules:)

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  • 10 years ago

    The PS3 is the best blu-ray player... at least it was the last time I looked. That said, I mainly watch streaming movies via Vudu and Netflix. Vudu is especially nice. I'm not sure if the 360 has anything like that. You need the N router if you want to watch the movies in their HX format, else it'll always have to buffer.

    The PS3 gives you access to the PlayStation store... meaning (considering you have access to both Vudu and Netflix on the PS3) you can rent just about anything. The PS Store even has HBO shows now. Also, the PS3 supports 3D TV, it came in that update a few weeks ago.

    Someone said something about updates all the time and taking forever, neither has been the case for me. Every once in a while they do have a system update, and maybe it's because I have a fast router, but they never take very long to update, and it certainly doesn't happen every week, maybe every other month?

    Anyway, movie-wise, PS3 is the hands-down winner. Game-wise... they're about equal, not sure if one is actually better in that area in any conclusive way. So, that means the PS3 is the overall winner. Yay.

    Source(s): I've had the PS3 for a few years.
  • 10 years ago

    The Ps3 is better than the xbox 360 but that does not mean you will like it more.

    The PS3 offers more for your money and does pretty much everything the 360 does. PS3 should be what you buy first but you should possible try both out for more than 500hrs then you could decide which one you like more.

    I have had both for a long time and the PS3 is better but some peoples favorite console is the 360 because of halo, gears of war, and ignorance of $60 a year > free.

    Source(s): own all 3
  • 10 years ago

    The PS3's only definitive advantage is blu-ray for movies. It does nothing for games (in fact, the 360's games still use DVD, and almost all of them still fit on a single disc...)

    Graphics-wise the PS3 and 360 are about equal. One has better textures, the other has better draw-in depth. Honestly, it's like arguing that 6 eggs is better than half a dozen eggs.

    Both now support wifi. The 360 supports 802.11n, but honestly no one has an internet connection that needs that much speed.

    The PS3's online service is entirely free whereas the 360 charges you for online play. Honestly, the 360's online service - even though it costs money - is way better than the PS3's. The 360's online integration is a lot smoother and their marketplace is actually organized in a logical manner.

    Game-wise, they're both about the same. If you have to choose one, it's going to come down to deciding between God of War, or Gears Of War. Halo or Resistance. Blue Dragon or Valkryia. Etc. Both have good exclusives so again, it's like the egg analogy above.

    That said I prefer the 360, mainly for its better controller, smoother download functions, not requiring massive system updates (which take an hour to perform!) on a weekly basis, and not having executives who get excited about utterly stupid things like Home, PSN+, or try to tell us that REMOVING a feature from the console is actually a positive thing. I was a big fan of the PS2 back in the day but Sony has seriously turned me off with their idiocy this generation. They're going to have to work hard if they want me to buy a PS4 down the road.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    ps 3 slim is better. Because its have more graphics and more free online games.

    PS3 Slim Pros:

    - More affordable $299 price;

    - slimmer, more compact design with quieter operation;

    - all games in high-definition; easy-to-use interface;

    - doubles as a Blu-ray and upscaling DVD player;

    - built-in Wi-Fi;

    - HDMI output with 1080p support;

    - built-in Web browser; free online gaming service.

    Ps3 Slim Cons:


    - Lacks backward support for PS2 games;

    - no infrared port means non-Bluetooth universal remotes aren't compatible;

    - online gaming, media, and commerce options still aren't as fully developed as Xbox Live, though they're getting better.


  • 10 years ago

    PS3 because it is japan owned and japan made. meaning its durable. i still owned the original 80gb which has 4 USBs and card reader and backwards compatible. i dropped the controller many times, now im hearing loose stuff inside but i still get to kill a lot of losers on Black Ops

    PSN: G-ME-ANG "kill me if you can"

    PS - just kidding about killing losers on Black Ops - its actually the other way around - but its fun dying that way. 10 POINTS!!!???

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    10 years ago

    ys it is ,

    it reads blu-ray

    you can play online for free ( ido know live is better but i prefer psn because you can play , and its free)

    better exclusives

    better joy-stick (in my opinion )

    dont have red ring of death

    beter hardware

    will have more games than xbox live and others consoles in the next years

    and other thousand reasons

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