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How do i break it to my family that i got fired?

it was my 1st real job and im scared to tell people. They still think im working there and its getting harder for me to lie....my family is the lecturing type so i want good ideas PLEASE!

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    Yeah, lying makes things harder. You have to remember what you said .

    A better term than fired is let go. I don't know why you lost your job. Maybe it was your job performance or something you did. Or maybe like I say below something the company does to save money.

    First of all, do you qualify for unemployment? If so, do the paperwork asap. They are going to ask you why you were fired. Google and find out how to apply in your state. Some want you to do it online.

    In these times, companies hire people then let them go before their benefits or unemployment kick in. It is a cost cutting measure. See companies have to pay into a fund when they let qualified workers go. So it might not have been you. That is why you need to talk it out with people.

    The unemployment office may have a person who does resumes and generic cover letters. They can sit there in fifteen minutes and compose something that will take you hours to do. They e-mail to you so you can print or send them from your computer. They also have job listings and programs you take advantage of.

    Do you know about the Job Corps. www.jobcorps.gov 800-733-JOBS. Check them out.

    With the help of friends and family find an explanation of why you were fired to give a prospective employer. Remember you were let go not fired unless they gave you a letter with that wording. Reason I say that is sometimes it is asked on an employment application. You don't want to go there.

    If you were let go do to job performance. Turn it into a positive. You didn't have the competency in the skills required to do well at job. If it was do to being late or not showing up, use being let go was a wake up call to be more responsible and mature. Again google and there will be stuff that tells you how to handle losing a job on interviews and employment applications.

    Re your family. They lecture because they care. Use what they are saying to improve.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I did that too a while back. I never told my parents that I had been fired and kept the lie going as long as I could. One day my dad called my office and found out that I no longer worked there. That was really awkward. I would suggest letting them know... what you tell them is up to you.

  • Bena Q
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    9 years ago

    Simply tell them that you left, that the job was not working out how you expected it to.

    In them meantime, look for something else.

    If your family are judgmental and you feel its detrimental to you to tell them you got fired, just say you left.. yeah, they will have a go saying why you left, but least its easier to take than them judging you for being fired.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Tell em straight up and if they got a problem tell em drop dead and then walk out the house trust me they will stop you and tell you to come back

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    tell them the company doesn't want people who lacks of experience..then you must find another job...you tell your family the company is trying to find another job for you.

  • 9 years ago

    just be straight up and honest

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