Would you move from UK to Cape Town, South Africa?

Seriously considering moving from UK to Cape town. I love it there, sunny, good value for money, nice lifestyle etc etc.

Theres crime all over London, Uk and also the world so I don't agree with a lot of peoples views on the crime in South Africa - Plus Cape Town seems to be the safest place to live in SA. I am not blind I know its an issue but its not the biggest thing to take into consideration - or is it? any one have any views?



I forgot to mention...

I would be buying a business out there so the job thing isnt an issue nor is the pounds to rand thing as i will still be getting money in pounds due to properties in London!

Thanks for all your answers and any more helpful opinions are appreciated!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, I would move there straight away IF:

    I could find a job to support myself and my family . IT, engineering and education are needed.

    And enough money to buy a high-security property with alarm and armed response

    Afford a good medical aid plan, healthcare is world class in private hospitals, but at a price.

    Find decent schooling for my children - private schooling is expensive

    afford enough insurance to cover theft of car, household etc

    the government would severely penalise rapists and do everything to reduce the spread of HIV-AIDS

    the country had a reliable police force and a justice system

    corruption was eliminated

    Above all, remember, your experience in South Africa as a holiday maker with pounds to spend, will definitely not be the same as someone living there earning rands.

    UK is for softies, really. South Africa is for real. Don´t expect the state, the police, the social security system to help you out. not even if you were black.

    Cape Town is great, also my first choice of cities in South Africa, especially if you like the laid-back style. Johannesburg is fast pace, pure city.

    Cape Town is very sunny compared to the UK. But, the downside is in winter it rains, it gets cold. No central heating to make anything comfy. Electric heating you can forget, because of the frequent power outages.

    Public transport is still in the teething stage, lots of hiccups. If you want to get somewhere reliably and safely, you must have a car with anti-hijack immobilisers etc..

    The nice lifestyle comes from having a good job, for which you will have to have excellent qualifications. If you don´t have the qualifications, then being black helps. Remember, whites stand at the back of the queue when it comes to getting jobs (and a place in an old aged home).

    Sure, there is crime all over, even in London. BUT, would you go into / live in these areas: Priory court, Walthamstow, Brixton, Clapham, Tooting and Stockwell, how about at night? These are similar to lots of parts of Cape Town.

    If you have ticked all these above things off, and are still not daunted, then you may well be able to survive in South Africa. Being open minded, "constantly on the alert" and prepared to adapt, then you are already halfway there.

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  • mckown
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    3 years ago

    Moving To Cape Town

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  • 5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Would you move from UK to Cape Town, South Africa?

    Seriously considering moving from UK to Cape town. I love it there, sunny, good value for money, nice lifestyle etc etc.

    Theres crime all over London, Uk and also the world so I don't agree with a lot of peoples views on the crime in South Africa - Plus Cape Town seems to be the safest place...

    Source(s): move uk cape town south africa: https://biturl.im/cR0kP
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  • 9 years ago

    I lived there for 10 years. You need many insurances and good education for your children and a house in a safe suburb. For all this you need money, and the wages aren't high in South Africa. I would recommend a 2nd Plan if you get fired or you don't have enough money for other reasons. SA has lots of crime, though, there are safe suburbs.You need a private school for your kids. Living in SA can be considered as cheep, because food and other things are much less expensive compared to Europe. You should know that insurances (you need them, because life there can be dangerous. Cars are stolen or somebody robs you) are expensive.

    If you have a lot of Money, a back-up plan, and a home in a safe district with lots of security,

    i would live there. Be prepared for the people from sa. They don't always work very efficient. Be patient. The life there is relaxing and Cape Town is a beautiful city. There's more crime than in the UK! Many of my friends which live there have already been victims. be careful and have fun!

    Source(s): my own experience
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  • 9 years ago

    Buying a business and making it work are two very different things. There used to be an saying the person that self made in South Africa could take on the New Yorkers and Beat them. Competition is unless in a unique business fierce.

    How are your other languages as well as English. If you do not speak them some business markets and doors will stay closed longer than you might wish.

    There are at least one failure for ever two successes when the Brits move South.

    Safe but do you want to possibly carry a gun, live behind six foot walls with razor wire and armed response alarms? Like Driving with your windows open or closed in summer?, better keep them and Doors locked.

    It is different, it can be fantastic and for many it is. Long term what if the situation changes in five, ten or twenty years will you be able to return with the profit of your life there or could you be like so many of those people who had it all as long as they stayed.

    Do they still want you to take full South African Citizenship if you will be there for 5 years or has that changed. Is military training still compulsory now as it was?

    Top tip get a great honest well connected and probably Jewish Greedy lawyer on your side you will find you will need the services even if only for any and all Matrimonial problems. They have different attitudes to the normal I do. Often they leave out the words I do -"for now" but I will be gone if the others offer is not beaten. It is just their nature nothing Personal, high achievers are always looking upward. If that's you . you will fit in so enjoy the sunshine you dream about for when you get there you might just have to work hard and miss the sun shine.Especially in the first five years

    Source(s): 12 years in the 70
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  • Odie
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    9 years ago

    1: You need to make a backup plan. You need to be prepared to lose everything in short notice. This is Africa. It has happened to 95% of Africa and there is nothing preventing it from happening here.

    2. If you have children don't accept that they will be the heirs to your life's work.

    3. If you make anything more than a liveable income be preprepared to be over taxed.

    4. CT salaries are the lowest out of the big cities and expenses are the highest.

    5. If you can't afford to live in a Middle or middle to upper class area, don't even think of moving there.

    1. Cape Town is a stunning city, with beautiful scenery and drives.

    2. The winters are a little wet but they have hot and sunny summers with long days that more than make up for it.

    3. It would be beneficial to send your kids to private schools, CT has the best performing schools out of all the provinces.

    4. For now CT had the only competent leadership.

    5. It is a relaxed city, not as stressful as Jhb or London I'm guessing.

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  • 9 years ago

    I lived in the UK before and in Cape Town as well, got a UK mate of mine with me and if I hear his things about the UK then for starters it sounds like you will have a less stressful life in Cape Town.

    In the UK things just maybe work better or easier, but then again Cape Town is actually a great place. The few years I lived in Cape Town i never encountered any crime and such, maybe some close calls but if you can survive London you supposed to be good.

    Before buying, maybe good to go and visit and check out for yourself, always a better alternative than working on data.

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  • 9 years ago

    I have just moved from Cape Town to UK. Would I move back. Only in the winter. If you love really hot weather then its for you as it gets unbearably hot in summer. Crime is worse there than in UK. Of course you get crime in every country, but you cannot walk around at night in SA, whereas here you can in most areas. Plus it is getting expensive and if you are a white person wanting to move there without a job, then you will have a problem. They practice affirmative action, so jobs go to the black people. Majority of them anyway. No I am too secure here, I wouldnt move back. I miss friends and family more than the place itself.

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  • Nous
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    9 years ago

    Hi there,

    Yes if I had a good job offer there. Cape Town is aruably the best city in the country. Its absolutely beautiful, the crime is not bad there and in terms of technology it is almost as advanced as European cities. You must beware though because it does have its problems with an high rate of crystal meth users who are among the most dangerous people on earth.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes.I live in Cape Town its so beautiful I hope that you move there. The crime in Cp is not so bad and I've only been robed once in my life just move to a safe place!

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