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What does Berto gain by fighting Victor Ortiz?

Seems to me that Berto is taking the easy route again by a fighting smaller guy who seems to choke when the spotlight is on him

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  • Sean G
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    Andre Berto was going to fight Shane Mosley (at the time the #1 Welterweight in the world) before Floyd Mayweather Jr. did. The crisis (tragedy) in Haiti killed that oppertunity, which would have been the biggest of his career. Since then, he has called out Pacquiao and the Mosley/ Mayweather winner. So Berto is fighting who he can at this point. I think what he has to gain from fighting Ortiz is...

    A) He gains activity.

    B) He gains a win over a name opponent. He beat guys we know like...Estrada, Collozo, Forbes, Urango, and Quitana. He got no credit for his win over one loss opponent Freddy Hernandez, because no one knows him. Everyone knows Ortiz thanks to Golden Boy's early push

    C) He also gains a nice payday via HBO.

    D) He gains another victory.

  • 10 years ago

    I think it's a step in the right direction for Berto. Ortiz a B fighter, who has some name recognition. Ortiz definitely has the skills, but I doubt his heart after the Maidana fight. Plus, he's not that much smaller. Ortiz may be a Jr. Welter, but he's a HUGE Jr. Welter...he unofficially weighed in at 156lbs come fight night against Peterson. I think it should be a great fight in which Berto actually gets tested against a decent fighter.

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    C'mon are y'all serious?? I dont even look at Ortiz as a real fighter anymore! Have y'all seen him fight with Peterson? Go Youtube it!

    He looked like a chicken being trapped!

    B-class fighter C-class fighter.

    Mark my word if Berto knock this poor kid Ortiz which to me is still a baby in boxing. Peoples going to hype it like crazy! Like muhamad Alis making a comeback!! Theyre going to make it a BIG DEAL out of it!!! Theyre going start calling Pacquiao again and say.. look what I just did! I just knocked out "Victor Ortiz"! Really?? LOL!!

  • 10 years ago

    The biggest paycheck of his career.

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