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Do you feel bad for drug users/ junkies?

I feel bad because I am a human being, and I don't like to see people in such a manner...

BUT...there is a big hairy but...

I understand they are addicted and its hard to quit. But here is my logic....

Why would you start in the first place when you know what the consequences will be. I dont do Heroin because I know what can happen, I dont want aids, I dont want to be junkie etc.

Same goes for the rest of the hard drugs out there..I have seen what Crack can do, or how LSD can make people go crazy.

My father asked me when I was younger, What is the definition smart...He said learning off other peoples mistakes...Makes no sense to learn it the hard way when you dont have to.

What do you think

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    If you feel sorry for addicts then you should feel sorry for the millions who reach for a coffee in the morning or a beer while watching TV. Not for those who smoke a joint once month with friends, or trip on LSD once a year and do relatively no harm to themselves. Yes drugs such as crack and heroin are deadly, and marijuana and LSD could be just as bad. Though remember alcohol and even caffeine are dangerous and they are drugs. If you don't believe me that drugs such as LSD, magic mushrooms, marijuana, MDMA, salvia, and Khat which mostly are illegal are safer than alcohol then do some research and don't be an ignorant fool like the rest of society. Though I do not feel bad for those who shoot heroin daily or smoke crack daily as they made that choice to ruin their lives. Not all drug users are bad though, always remember this.

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    Before I starting chipping heroin, I tried some painkillers and liked how it felt. I looked for a more available substitute and found heroin. Before I did this I found out as much as I possibly could and had a set of rules (no shooting, strict schedule, no more than X quantity, etc.) I think I am a pretty smart guy and so far that has kept me out of trouble and I don't have any kind of problem or addiction or anything like that and won't as long as I follow my rules. Point is that I realized I liked it, did a lot of research and talked to some experienced users, and set up some rules for myself which I have followed religiously. If someone is not as thorough as I am (not necessarily their fault; maybe they were just born less intelligent or their circumstances were different, genetics, age, social pressures, etc.), they could turn into junkies. So yes, I feel very bad for them. Clearly they are responsible for their conditions, but I certainly understand how they could get there despite their best intentions.

    Side note: That might be the best definition of smart I have ever heard.

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    Of course the dealers are worse. There is a solution to the problem. Drug legalization. People are going to take drugs legal or not, they already are. Legalization will put the dealers out of business along with their crimes including murders, fighting over drug turf. The purity of the drugs would be guaranteed. Dozens of people in Chicago and New Jersey (same drug batch) overdosed on a mix of Heroin and a synthetic pain killer a few months back. That wouldn't have happended if they were legal. The money saved from fighing the drug war would be huge. Just a little bit of that would equal millions of dollars. Money spent on education and drug treatment. This won't happen though, because the politicians use the drug war as a campaign tool.

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    I do feel sorry for them, much like I feel sorry for people who are ignorant or otherwise handicapped. Even if it's self-inflicted, it's still a miserable life.

    I agree with your father about smart, but not everyone is, after all. And avoiding addiction of any kind is not as easy as you may think. Would you refuse to do anything at all that some people find addicting, even drinking a nice glass of good wine? Playing a nickel slot machine? Having a chocolate truffle? Engaging in sex? All things some people develop out-of-control addictions to.

    Source(s): the 12-step programs
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    I don't feel bad, because personally I don't like being felt bad for, not that I do drugs, but with anything, gotta apply the golden rule. And the reason they start in the first place is something you already mentioned: your a human being, there human beings, and what are we human beings all infamously known for? Making mistakes. Some mistakes are just bigger than others... You could say the same with any problem.

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    I'm with you, I've been addicted to cigs and stuff, but hard drugs would be unbearable.

    For me its like, i like adderall too much, no way im trying coke.

    Heroin and such were never just a smart move imo.

    I did try LSD and had no adverse effects but kiddies, dont quote me on that.

    Overall I feel bad, and would love to help them, but it's beyond my power to do so.

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    People aren't thinking when they start using hard drugs. They are probably at a pretty low point, and don't care for the moment if they are being stupid, and may even want to punish themselves, or are misguided about what will happen.

    They want to hide from life, and escape, and drugs will do that.

    Sure they were being stupid, but it probably didn't matter to them at the time.

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    I agree, and it ties in directly to the need for drug legal reform. As long as its illegal it will be a "taboo" and they will stay hidden, not getting the treatment or the exposure to new ideas they need.

    If marijuana was legal it would eventually become standard knowledge that hard drugs are above all unnecessary and would die out. And the dangerous streets where kids get shot to death in the crossfire would stop. We are complete idiots for tolerating marijuana ignorance! Even in the Netherlands where it is legal a smaller percentage of teenagers have tried it than American teenagers, that's a fact.

    We need to stop pretending that an alcohol-based society will fix itself.

    Source(s): I'm on thc right now typing all of this myself if that's any indication how "sloppy" it makes a person as the 1930s propagnda suggests.
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    I dont feel sorry for them. Ive been addicted to things and I had the strength to pull myself out of it and put my life back together. I was really messed up, and I honestly believe, if I could do it, anyone could do it. It comes down to continuing to run from reality into the sweet arms of your addiction, or being strong enough to get it together and have a real life. Im not saying its easy, its not, its exteremely hard, but its a personal choice. Anyone who chooses to stay addicted has made their choice and is not worth my pity.

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    LSD only makes you go crazy if your stupid enough to do it more than once every 5 to 10 years.. and i'd obviously only recommend it if the experiences remain positive.

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