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since when does Manchester united higher kids lol?

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    @ Lukeboyuk: We haven't spent much of the Cristiano money? We've spent almost £45 mil. That's a lot of money and it's seen 6 players come in. Giving Sir Alex stick and hoping for him to die? You're not a footaball fan mate as I know many Liverpool and City fans who hate him but still have respect for the man and what he's accomplished. What players exactly has he "poached" as well? A majority of his squad was built from our youth academy and the young players brought in chose to come to United to further their career. If they didn't they would have become the stars they turned into like Cristiano, Nani, Vidic and Evra. Other than that the only big spending Sir Alex had done was every few seasons with the likes of Ferdinand, Cantona, Veron, Ruud and the young Rooney.

    To answer your question, nothing new there really. Cristiano, Beckham, Ruud.. it's gonna keep happening really. He won't leave us for a pathetic £20. His value isn't any higher but his worth to the club will mean Madrid will have to offer an insane amount to tempt us into selling a player we want to keep.

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    It just confirms that Fergie's eyes got sharper every year.

    Who was Chicharito when he signed him? Then he performed very well at the World Cup and scored a few goals and he's £20m now.

    @ lukeboyuk

    I totally understand how you feel and to be honest, it's not just Man Utd. What about Aaron Ramsey? Gael Kakuta?

    There are more other kids out there and to be honest, as Fergie said 'Gambling is the name of the game.' For some kids, like United's Class of '92, it worked while for others, it didn't.

    But you gotta try to understand that people like Fergie, Wenger, Mourinho or even Holloway never own that much money. They're just managers. So they'd do anything to better their companies (clubs) with the resource they got and I believe the resource in Dag & Red, Crystal Palace and Man U are different. So they try their best to deal with it.

    Or can you name a winning team that never ever poached youngsters?

    So if you're bitter because big clubs always poach youngsters from your club, maybe it's time to support another club or do something with your club.

    Hull City and Blackpool have shown that it is possible to climb up the divisions with limited resource but good management.

    And remember, Man U were very close to get relegated when Fergie took charge. So he's done extremely well in the last 20 years.

    Well, maybe you weren't even born yet that time?

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    United are now much more restrained in the transfer market since they are in a huge huge amount of debt. Gone are the days were fergie could be the daddy, no more blank cheques for u Mr Arrogant. Just look at ronaldos transfer. £80 million was it? how much of this have they spent, not much.

    I for one am happy about this, after seeing man u poach players from smaller clubs and bring hard times on clubs, just for the player to sit on the bench, utd struggling brings a smile to my face.

    I will not be truly happy though, untill the redfaced scottish prick retires or chokes on his chewing gum.

    Champagne sales are gonna rocket when he retires. I dont drink, but by god im raising a glass when he finally goes.

    The refs pockets are gonna be a bit empty though.

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    That BASTARD Madrid, tell them they are a smaller club, fvckin idiots! Go Barca, make sure they never ever win a liga title again, Messi for the next 10 years, go Messi!

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  • Real Madrid at it again.

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    They always want our players once they start doing good

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