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how do you unsave password in yahoo email?

Yahoo asked "do you want to remember password" and I clicked yes, but I want to undo this selection.

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    Type these 3 keys together


    then in the window that appears Tick passwords

    then click on delete

    This will stop the browser from remembering

    your password

    Have a good weekend

    Jess :)

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  • If all you did was check the keep me signed in for 2 weeks box then clearing your browser's cache will get rid of it. But if you saved it in Internet Explorer or Firefox itself then, you have to clear it there.

    First try this:


    1. Close all browser windows and open a new one.

    2. Clear your browser's cache including temp files, cookies, and history. If you do not know how then follow the instructions on the help page for the specific browser and browser version you are using:

    3. Close that browser window and open a new browser window and sign into your Yahoo Mail here:

    4. Reboot if needed!


    If that doesn't do it then try this:

    For Internet Explorer:

    And if you want to turn off that feature altogether read this:

    If you use Firefox read this:

    In Firefox click Tools and then Options and the Security tab. Click the button for Saved Passwords. Remove the ones that you want to in that window. You can also remove the check for Remember Passwords, so that none are saved.

    If you use Google Chrome then read this:

  • Lyn G
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    Delete your cookies. Open your Internet Explorer, and click on 'Tools.'

    Click on the last one in pop-up menu, 'Internet options.'

    In the general tab, click on the 'delete' button in the 'Browsing history' area.

    Then you can go through and click on every section and delete, or you can click on the 'delete all' button toward bottom of page. This deletes all of your cookies, form data, web history, and passwords. Then, go to 'Advanced' tab and click.

    In the list, under 'browsing,' find 'Use inline Autocomplete,' and make sure it is not checked.

    Click on the 'close' button, then click on the 'ok' button.

    After this is done, remember never to click on those "Remember my ID" links, and make sure you completely sign out of your account by clicking on the "Sign out" link at the top left of your mail screen every time.

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