Can I get into West Point?

Hi guys! I'm a junior in high school right now and I am really looking forward to going to west point.

could i get in?

im afraid that my grades will hinder my chances

and also, i didnt play any varsity sports, however i do have (in my opinion) a very colorful athletic background.

my unweighted gpa is a 3.73

weighted is a 4.5

i took the following tests:

ap human geo: 5

ap art history: 5

ap european history: 4

ap us history: 4

ap english language: 5

ap english literature: 5

ap spanish language: 4

ap environmental science: 5

ap psychology: 5

ap comparative government: 5

and i am taking calc ab ap, and computer science ap this year

and i plan to take gov ap, econ ap, and spansih literature next year.

i got a 2210 on the SAT

a 33 on the ACT

i have no varisty sports, but I am a 3rd degree blackbelt in taekwondo, 2nd degree black belt in hap ki do, a 1st degree black in judo, and have been practicing muay thai for 3 years now.

i do have several medals, but i am afraid these arent worth as much as varsity sports

i am korean, and i can speak




german fluently

and i am literate in arabic and russian

my leadership positions are:

editor in chief of my school journalism

tae kown do demo team captain

secretary of my region of leo club

student life editor of my schools yearbook

thank you very much!

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    You have the makings of a West Point cadet in my book. Your "resume" is impressive. My son is applying for the Military Academy so we have been doing tons of research and lots of organizing dates of what needs to be accomplished and when applications are due.

    Though it is true that the Military Academy usually looks at ones involvement in Varsity Sports, your taekwondo experience definitely shows that you are a competitor and physically up to the challenge.

    Things you should be doing, if you haven't started doing these already:

    --Send your SAT and ACT scores to West Point. This lets them know that you are serious about applying and they will begin a file process on you.

    --Check out their website and see if there are any opportunities to visit the campus and/or go to a summer "camp". Again, this shows you are interested and it also gives you an insight as to what is to come as a cadet. My son applied for their Summer Seminar. However, he did not get accepted to this because they said that there were so many applicants, they did not have enough slots for all who were qualified. They did send him a letter, though, saying that they liked his "resume" and that they hope that he applies for the Academy when the time comes. I think there were other summer opportunities at the Academy, but my son is committed to something else, so he did not look at those opportunities closely.

    --Don't snub your nose at the other military academies. That is, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, Coast Guard Academy and the Merchant Marines Academy are all excellent academic institutes and basically have similar criteria for their applicants. There is no harm in applying to all of these as I am almost certain, at least one of them will offer you a slot. (The Merchant Marines, for example will probably look at your language skills and want you as student.) Hey, if you get accepted to all of them, how nice that YOU will get to choose instead of the other way around. Please, check into the other academies and see what they have to offer, both for summer opportunities and for their cadets.

    --Make contact with someone from West Point (and/or the other academies) and ask questions (like the one you posted here). They will be the best person to guide you and direct you in the right direction for acceptance into their school. You can find a contact person by going to the website and sending an email (I think there is a place on the site that specifically labeled "contact us") asking your questions and/or asking who is your regional point-of-contact for the school.

    Side note: We have heard through the grapevine that, in some cases, the make-or-break point in choosing applicants comes during the interview process. Look sharp, choose your words carefully and wisely, present yourself well. Also, watch what say and do on social networks. What's on the Net is public domain and therefore can be used against you if, for example, you (or your friends to you) discuss/refer to things that are inappropriate.

    I hope this is helpful to you. Again, if it were up to me, I would give you an acceptance letter right now (unless I had to choose between my son and you...then, I'm afraid you would offense, just nepotism). Time is crucial to the application process, so don't delay in getting your "ducks in a row". Good luck.

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    10 years ago

    You have solid stats. You'd fall right above the top half of all West Point admitted students. You have a great chance. good luck!

  • 10 years ago

    Yes yes yes! Im so confident in you. These are the kind of people they are looking for! Good luck in your future :)

    Source(s): Brother at West Point
  • 10 years ago

    You did really well in your classes. I'm positive you'll make it.

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