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I want to major in photography at an art school, but I don't like and am not very good at drawing?

I have an interest in photography and graphic design, but more in photography. I was wondering if there are any good art schools that will accept me if I submit a portfolio consisting of mainly photography and some digital designs and paintings and life drawing and etc. I don't enjoy drawing or painting nor am I skilled at it. However, practically all art colleges want student portfolios consisting of mainly drawings and paintings. Any tips or schools?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My tip is don't go into art. I and all my art friends are literally starving.

    The market is NO GOOD for artists. The economy won't be bouncing back anytime soon.

    The market is over saturated with artists. Get a career in something that will actually pay.

  • 1 decade ago

    Make your portfolio represent your best work. If they want drawings include some. Most art schools will have you take drawing classes anyways, so you can improve when you get there. Yes, drawing classes are helpful for your photo work.

    I think you won't have a problem getting accepted. Go for it!

    Source(s): I was a student at Moore College of Art and Design
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