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Does IRONING your clothes shrink/fade them?

If I stop drying my clothes to preserve them, I will need to iron.

Does ironing shrink /fade them from the intense heat?

Is it weird to get clothes off ebay?

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    Ironing will not shrink your clothes or fade them but frequent washing, strong detergents or drying in the scorching sun will. Ironing can scorch the clothes if the temperature gage is not set properly for the type of fabric you are ironing. That being said, don't be afraid to dry your clothes in the sun. A little exposure to UV radiation is beneficial, it kills the bacteria that may be left on clothes after the washing.

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    No, ironing does not shrink clothes or damage them in any way if the correct heat and steam settings are used. Some fabrics can be damaged by the steam, so test your iron setting on a small not-obvious are of your garment. Err on the side of a too-cool iron until you understand what each garment and fabric can withstand.

    Clothes shouldn't fade from ordinary ironing, some dyes will discolor slightly while hot but return to their normal color when cool. Again, excess heat is the culprit when ironing makes a fabric change colors.

    You can protect fabrics from the direct heat of the iron by using a press cloth between the iron and the garment. A press cloth is a simple piece of plain cotton fabric. Part of my job involves sewing and pressing so I use the cheapest available, old cotton bed sheets. Be sure your press cloth is 100% cotton and not a cotton polyester blend. You don't need to buy fancy press cloths unless you are trying to reset the crease in pants. Then there's a cloth available at fabric and sewing stores called "the Rajah Press Cloth" which has a heat activated chemical that makes creases permanent. It's one of my favorite pressing room tools.

    Last question: Gosh...I hope not! I've gotten some interesting vintage pieces off e-bay including hippy and Mod 1960's dresses and coats.

    A few handy homemaker sites wit some ironing help:

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    To get the wrinkles out and not shrink the clothes, run them in the dryer for only a few minutes, take them out damp and hang them immediately. Hang them from the shower rod to dry.

    Ironing does not shrink or fade clothes, but you can scorch cotton or melt polyester if the setting is too high.

    I've bought and sold stuff on ebay since 2000. And thrift stores longer than that. I wash everything I buy as soon as I get home, whether it's new or not. I've worked in retail stores and I've seen what happens to clothes before they get to the sales floor.

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    Use a hankerchief over your clothes when ironing. Ima start doing that.

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    ironing over time will fade them especially black thats why when you put a crease in them it turns like whittish

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    If you have to Iron it get rid of it.

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    It depends

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    No and No. Is the simple answer!

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