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. Which agency would you contact if you suspect that people are illegally hunting and fishing in a national park? (Points : 1)

Department of Defense

Department of Health and Human Services

Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

2. Which two agencies oversee homeland security and bioterrorism threats? (Points : 1)

Department of Health and Human Services; Department of Defense

Department of Energy; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Environmental Protection Agency; Department of the Interior

National Aeronautics and Space Administration; U.S. Geological Survey

3. Which government agency developed many of the technologies used to study and protect the environment but does NOT have environmental responsibilities? (Points : 1)

U.S. Department of Agriculture

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Bureau of Reclamation

Minerals Management Service

4. Which of these is NOT a valuable goal of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s research into sustainable agricultural practices? (Points : 1)

to educate farmers and food producers about ways to grow healthy crops without harming wildlife

to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals entering human food sources and natural ecosystems

to increase the production of crops while decreasing the cost to farmers in any way possible

to identify practices that will conserve natural resources while providing plenty of food for a growing population

5. Match each government agency with its corresponding function.

1.Department of the Interior 1 : regulates the health and biodiversity of species that live on public land

: 2.Department of Energy 2 : facilitates discussion and research on scientific and technological solutions to national issues

: 3.Centers for Disease Control and 3 : the cleanup of polluted sites and enforces environmental protection laws4.National Academy of Sciences 4 : researches ways to reduce hazards to human health and ways to respond to health emergencies

: 5.Environmental Protection Agency 5 : regulates national parks, the use of natural resources, and wildlife safety

: 6.Bureau of Land Management 6 : researches development of reliable energy sources and ways to increase fuel efficiency

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