What to do in Washington, DC at night?

I'm planning a trip to DC in March this year with a group of about 30 high schoolers (ages 16-18). One night we plan on touring the monuments. We need ideas for what to do the next night. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

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    Monuments are a good call. I would also suggest considering a dinner cruise on the Odyssey, which provides amazing views of DC from the potomac, coupled with good food, Pretty sure they do group deals too. Chelsea Clinton had her senior prom on the boat. Its a nice time.

    Depending on the specific dates, check out a Washington Capitals game at the Verizon center. Hockey is always fun, and the arena is only a few blocks from the white house.

    Union station is not just a train station and metro stop, it is a building with lots of shops, a movie theater, and architecturally it is amazing. Back in the day, a president would walk down here when his term was done, and catch a train home.

    Call your local congressman or senator. They can get you a tour of the Capitol Building at night, which is cool.

    The University of Maryland is on the metro system. You could take a metro out to College Park, and tour their campus, it is gorgeous. Teens always dig a college experience. You can go hang in ther student union, go bowling or something. If you are super lucky, maybe the Terps are playing playing basketball and you can score some tickets. Write the college, they might give you a deal, although march madness tickets to an ACC basketball game are in HIGH demand.

    Finally, check out the embassies. Sometimes they do shindigs. With current events, perhaps you could arrange a visit with the embassy of egypt, and have someone explain their history, along with their current events. You would be surprised how many embassies are willing to do this. Kids are always surprised to learn that the embassies are not american soil, but are sovereign soil of whatever country's embassy it is. Only way you will ever leave america without needing a passport!

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    Someone already mentioned the theaters so no need there. However Capitals tickets are extremely hard to come by DC has some of the most fair weather hockey fans in the world. The caps are doing well so the seats are sold quickly. Also the higher attendance rates means higher ticket prices should you be able to find enough seats together. If it's a longer trip and you'll be in town a few days into April catch a nationals game. It's right off the green line you can't miss the station.

    Also try the national zoo or other museums. DC is full of wonderful museums. I highly recommend the natural history museum or the air and space center. (the auxiliary is in VA by Dulles airport so you won't be able to see everything, but it's still fun.)

    best of luck.

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    How about taking in a show? Washington has numerous outstanding theaters, including the Kennedy Center, Arena Stage, the Shakespeare Theater, and the Folger Theater, all of which offer discounts for groups, particularly of students.





    The Folger Theater is doing a slap-stick production of Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" and I notice that Arena Stage has a production in March of "The Chosen", either of which should be appropriate for teens.

    There's always the fallback of taking them to the Pentagon City shopping mall, for dinner in the food court and shopping--"meet me back here at 8pm sharp!"


    A more odd-ball suggestion, but one which might be fun, would be to take them to the Ballston Commons Shopping Mall in Arlington for shopping and time at their indoor ice skating rink (which is a professional quality facility where the Washington Capitals practice--and yes, they do give autographs).

    Both Pentagon City and Ballston are right at Metro subway stations.

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