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How to groom a blind dog?

I started as soon as I adopted him when he was 8 weeks old. He has been impossible to groom. His fur grows fast, and I brush him to keep the mats from building up, but he willnot let me clip or shave him. He needs alot of work on on his head and around his eyes, since his eyes turn brown. BUT he willnot hold still at all. Treats dont help, talking calmly doesnt help, bringing him to a groomer doesnt help. He willnot sit still, and hence he doesnt get much done. Especially around the head and eyes. He always looks scruffy. I donnot want to sedate him, I just need a miracle. Any other advice? I have payed groomers any where from $35.00 to $47.00, and been specific to what I want, and when I get him back, I can tell they had a hard time too, because his head and eyes still look like it needs a good grooming. Tired of paying alot of money when they can't even get him groomed properly.


Bob the builder has never owned a dog that was impossible to keep still while grooming i guess. The dog jerks around alot and cant be held still. I dont want to hurt it with the shaver or the scissors, I could poke his eye out or cut him severly. Cant keep his head still, and when I try ,I feel he could snap his neck. Keep your stupid answers to yourself.

Update 2:

All the vet did, was, refer me to a great groomer, of which I had already tried before. Hence, the $47.00 bill, that was a waste. He wanted to put the dog under, to groom him, and I said a big " NO "!

Update 3:

Ty Jennifer, I have tried that. Beleive me 10 months and I have tried it all. And MACK, if that is what you do to your animals, wish I knew were you lived, so I could report you for animal abuse. UGH!

Update 4:

ty bailey, I have adopted only blind dogs my whole life. I can handle the darlings quite well. Connor was born blind, and he has lived with me for 8 months now, he is only 10 months old. He doesnt know anything else but blindness and runs around my house, one could swear he can see. lol Its just the scizzors and clippers that drives him into madness and cannot sit still.

Update 5:

ty bluebonn, I will try the towel idea. Hitting a dog isnot an option and I teared up, when I read that part. That person should have been reported. Makes me sad to read stories like that. The towel idea is a new one for me, so Ill give it a whirl. He even knows when the scizzor is coming towards him, cause he must smell it, he runs like the dickens! lol

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    Did you try just some mild sedatives? Some of it could be just training and little to do with being blind. Maybe just work on desensitizing him to the sound of the clippers. I would use the clippers rather than the scissors as you have less risk of injury. Maybe several times a day turn on the clippers and run the back of it over his body and face until he begins to accept it more willingly. Just sit him in your lap, have treats and make it a game. You don't actually need to groom him during this, just get him used to the sound and vibrations of the clippers to let him know he doesn't need to be afraid.

    Good luck with him.

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    When I groomed I specialized in behavioral problems & I got dogs like yours all the time. He is hearing sounds he does not recognize. Let him smell things, that is the only way he can interrupt the world around him. Take your time

    As for the face, I had a poodle that acted the same way as yours & I had to wrap the dog in a towel so he couldn't fight the procedure & have the owner hold the dog while I worked on the face. The poodle still fought with everything she had to avoid any face work.

    You might leave the Clippers running just so he can get used to the sound of them. Also while you are petting him, pet his face, get him used to hands being in his face. Like handling the feet to make it easier to clip toe nails.

    Another thing that might work is to have a squeaky toy you can squeeze to take his attention away from the grooming. I had a squeaky mouse. I also had a tube from paper towels that I would hit the table with to get their attention if they were fighting me real bad.

    I have seen groomers completely loose it when trying to groom a dog with this behavior & the poor dog gets hit. I saw one, once, that was hit so hard it went flying in the air still attached to the noose.

    Talk to your Vet & see if there is any one in town that can handle a dog like that. I worked with Vet referrals only for many years & then started taking word of mouth clients.

    There is nothing wrong in sedating him. Just to calm him down but not knock him out. the grooming would go faster if you or the groomer would get a Vet to give you one or two pills just for grooming.

    I am retired but if you were here I would help you.

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    I have a blind cat... not dog... but she's a Persian and needs regular grooming. She didn't lose her sight until she was a lot older so we had to overcome a lot of what you're going through. You need to get your dog used to his blindness first. Always, always, always let him know you're coming when you're approaching him. Talk to him and let him know that you're there so you're not startling him by touching him out of nowhere. In the beginning, just get your dog used to being handled and petted while you talk to him so he's more comfortable with it... then you can worry about grooming. Wipe the eyes with a damp cloth but, again, do it gently after you've been holding and talking to him for awhile and he's calmed down. I finally got my cat to relax by just handling her a lot and starting the grooming when she was calm and relaxed.

    Being blind is scary and adapting to things just take time and patience but they should get used to it if handled right. Good luck.

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    Some dogs have to be trained differently due to certain natural instincts. Learn here

    This is how I trained my dogs, hope it helps:

    Throw the toy, give the command "fetch" or whatever you use and have the dog bring the toy back. Don't let her know you have the treat. (If she knows, just hold it behind your back.)

    Grab the toy still in her mouth and say "thank you". She should release, if not hold the treat in front of her nose. When she lets go, quickly praise her and give her the treat. Pet her alot too. Do this over and over. Then after a week or two, give her a treat one time, but not the next, giving her praise both times. If she does not bring you the toy, ignore her. When she does bring it to you, do as above.

    When she plays tug of war, do the same, tell her "thank you" and put a treat under her nose and when she lets go, praise her and give treat. Give the toy back, sometimes they don't want to bring you the toy because they think you wont give it back (hence the "throwing it" part of fetch).

    If she runs away with it, let her go. To her it's a game, "watch me make them chase me" is what she's thinking. If you don't show interest in it when she runs, she'll stop, but this will take time too.

    Enrolling in training classes can help too. Just be consistant.

    I play tug of war with my two Great Danes and there is never a problem. When I want them to let go I say "thank you" and they drop it immediately. Sometimes they win, sometimes I win when I say thank you. Its all about training and dominance. They know I am Alpha in the house, there is no question about it and I am consistant with training.

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    When your dog has been trained you should have no problem. Slow going but worth it,even the basics will be a great help. Good luck and God bless.

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    I had the same problem with a Maltese. Mild sedatives simply make the dog sleepy. I suggest checking with your vet.

    They worked for my Maltese.

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    um..... u could always give him a shot to stay till or u can groom him and deal with him moving

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    ur not blind so im not rlly seeing a problem?

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