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Should citizenship be stripped of those foreigners who are caught in espionage and terror related activities?

I mean, they came here under false pretenses. After their jail terms they should be stripped of their citizenship and sent home to whatever cess pot they originated.

Whaddaya think?


OK Dewie, if I don't see the big picture, paint it for me.

I'm waiting...

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    I think you don't see the big picture. EDIT Naturalized citizens are no longer "foreigners" and would be tried for treason, not spying or terrorism. Traitors can be put to death, a much worse punishment than being kicked out of Club USA.EDIT#2 I'm thinking of a searing insult for you right now.

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    No one wants to sit back when they are attacked, but what do you do when there is nothing you can do? Technically Wars are declared conflicts started by nations against other nations, so there can be no "war on terrorism." What happened on 9/11 was that a few criminal terrorists (who happened to be mostly Saudi Arabians) attacked the USA. As a young Border Patrol Agent I was asked to guard a prison-bus full of detainees. There were some at the rear of the bus making noise and causing trouble, so I called for backup (one would never go in there alone). A very large, tough looking Detention Officer came in, opened the gate and clubbed the first guy he saw in the front. "But its the guy in the back" I protested. He said: "Do you see how the ones in the back quieted down? Now they are really afraid, because they know I'll hit them twice as hard if they make me go all the way back there." After 9/11 we were unable to get back at the real enemy which is amorphous, so we attacked two enemy nations that had little or nothing to do with it in order to prove that we take terrorism seriously. It is a draconian tactic with some utility in the short-run. But it isn't justice, it won't solve the problems of the middle east or prevent it from breeding terrorists, and the effect won't last once the troops are gone. Mostly it just makes us feel like we are doing something when there is nothing we can do.

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    Any person who puts the welfare of the American people in jeopardy should not even be given jail sentences. Let their founding countries foot the bill. Why they are at it all of the illegal aliens should be deported immediately if they are caught breaking the law.

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    Even if it means they have to go back to the third world country they came from...although they usually say their lives would be in danger if returned to a Muslim state

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    Of course. But that will only happen if the president who loves all immigrants more than any real American stands up for our rights and laws.

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    If this country wasn't saddled with the ridiculous Human Rights Act then you wouldn't have to ask this very valid question.

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