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Why are sociopaths/psychopaths and narcissists so cool?

I have any extreme case of borderline personality disorder. I wish I had antisocial personality disorder or at least narcissist personality disorder. The two I mentioned sound awesome. No regard for the feelings of others. Barely any emotions etc.. I'm the opposite of that. Too much emotion and TOO much empathy. No psychiatrists has managed to help me. I wish I was a sociopath.

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    you wouldn't want to be one wouldn't call my self one but i lack empathy and much emotions it's not fun well unless you want to hurt some being able to randomly hit some one with a base ball bat dose have it's perks. song for you ohh i wish i was a sociopath with to shot guns in my hand

  • 9 years ago

    They're not. They're the worst people in the world, the most destructive, and the one's who usually end up either in an institution, a prison, or an early grave.

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    There is nothing wrong with being that way. You are probably doing much good in your life to help others, even without realizing it. Think of Jesus. He was a Great man.

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    They are not that cool, generally ending up alone for most of their life.

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