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WHY are sociopaths/psychopaths and narcissists so awesome?

I have any extreme case of borderline personality disorder. I wish I had antisocial personality disorder or at least narcissist personality disorder. The two I mentioned sound awesome. No regard for the feelings of others. Barely any emotions etc.. I'm the opposite of that. Too much emotion and TOO much empathy. No psychiatrists has managed to help me. I wish I was a sociopath.

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    Too much emotion is not a symptom of borderline personality disorder unless you are referring to selfish emotion and how one with borderline personality disorder may demand that others constantly exhibit proof of their loyalty and never ending devotion. This selfishness is evidenced by your wish for sociopathy, antisocial, or narcissistic personality disorder. These are all disorders which would allow you to harm others in any way you desire while not feeling any regret or remorse. It would be my guess that even your claim of too much empathy is a mischaracterization or what most would call a lie. I would agree at this point that you probably are a deeply disturbed individual and should be on medication and closely monitored. Good Luck.

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    I was in a sociometry workshop once and they asked everyone to close their eyes and think about the person they most wanted to get to know in the room. They then had us mill about and put our hand on the shoulder of that person. The room became a giant galaxy shaped thing, with ugly guys hands on cute girl's shoulders, their hands on better looking guy's shoulders and in the middle two not so attractive or interesting guys surrounded by 8 hands. They were the only two in the room who picked each other, and every other relationship in the room was defined by them. Love and friendship are immensely attractive. Sociopaths and narcissists love themselves and so are the center of their environments.

    If you love yourself more, you too will be the center of your galaxy. And if you really love yourself enough and you are NOT the center of your universe, you won't know it anyway.

    Being able to say "I have borderline personality disorder" is a great gift. Do not sell yourself short if you can really understand what that disease means you are head and shoulders above the 300 others who have it and can't acknowledge it. Good luck.

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    Although they deserve sympathetic approach for their treatment and refinement, almost all sociopaths are dreaded, psychopath and narcissists disliked and treated by outcast by many.

    The greatest discovery of our generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind! .People with the "right" attitude have a consistently positive outlook about life, about their jobs, about what they're doing. They are constantly looking for results and taking responsibility. People who have the RIGHT attitude take responsibility for their lives.

    It all comes back to responsibility. People who have a good time and enjoy life have taken the responsibility to have a good time and enjoy life. I've heard people say, "You only go around once, and so you might as well go for the gold and enjoy it!" That's a great attitude!

    Source(s): "Change Your Attitude" by Tom Bay, Ph.D. and David Macpherson.
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    i saw a study recently that suggested the youth of today wear mental disorder like a badge of pride.

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    They are not. Trust me.

    Well, we think we are, but we're not. I wish I could feel remorse but usually I'm glad I don't. I think I'm awesome because I'm a highly functioning sociopath but I wish I didn't think that.

    Regular sociopaths are lame, stupid, and just suck in general. So do narcissists. High functioning is a different story.

    Be glad you're not like me, though. It's almost impossible to even want to stop.

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    they are not. they cause wars worldwide. because the millenial generation are useless lazy and self-indulgent and think they will get the benefits of free government spending without giving anything back unsustainable takers

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    Because they're individuals.

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    do you know dr. cox from scrubs? that should answer the question.

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