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how many native americans were killed during colonisation?

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    estimates are as high as 50 Million some tribes like the Carabs were completely wiped out out side of the great flood it is the largest genocide known to man.

    @ the poster who claims my people dd not originate here, the Bering Strait theory is just that, a theory and in most cases bridges run both ways.

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    Although exact numbers are unknown, historians estimate that diseases brought by Europeans killed more than 20 million Native Americans in Mexico in the first century after conquest. Many scholars agree that the population of Native Americans in Central America decreased by 90 to 95 percent between the years 1519 and 1619. So likely the numbers would total in the 60 to 70 millions throughout the America's.

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    Back in those days the label native American didn't exist.

    As for how many that were killed off that is well into the thousands, some claim in the millions.

    When America was being made many tribes were wiped out of existence, they also killed the women and children that were in the tribes. Some of the tribes I would bet they weren't violent. If they didn't get killed in battle, it was disease that done them in.

    This is a sore spot for America and you can see that it really is just by some of the answers that are on your question.

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    It is difficult to say, and actually a moot point to quantify genocide.

    It is a fact that the American government from it's inception had a concerted

    policy of denying the first peoples "Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of any

    Happiness". From removal, to the killing of Bison, to "gifts" of Smallpox

    infested blankets; a 19th Century version of WMDs., the policy was sustained and enhanced.

    The Nazis called it The Final Solution, we called it Manifest Destiny.

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    Colonization? That's one of the namby pamby sugar coated descriptions for it. Or 'discovering America'

    Heaven forbid that we name if for what it really was. Invasion.

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    Does that count someone like George Armstrong Custer? He was native to America.

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    If anyone answers this with a definite number, it is outright disingenuous

    And in colonists defense, you can't just paint things black and white. There were murderous Indians, just as there were murerous colonists

    There were Indians who were more than happy to share the land. There were some who weren't

    There were colonists who were against "removing" the Indians, or to use your politically correct term, "native americans", which is not an apt term at all; anymore than "Indians"

    And when I say "removing", I'm not talking about killing. I'm talking about relocation, which was wrong, in my opinion, but it was hundreds of years ago, and a moot point now

    But there are examples of more modern "actual" genocides. Mao killed tens of millions, 70Million as did Stalin to a slightly lesser degree; Hitler killed millions; Communism and Fascism the cause

    Source(s): Truth is that we don't know exactly what happend. History books paint distorted pictures
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    Thanks to Andrew Jackson, over 4 million were killed during the Trail Of Tears.

    Quiet a few were in my family.

    Why that man in on our $20 bills is beyond me.

    That's like having Robert E. Lee printed on our money.

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    Let's just agree that this was a genocide in the true meaning of the word.

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    All of them, their way of life was destroyed. All that was left was an empty shell.

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