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Can you connect two computers to one monitor and stay and work online with a network program?

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    If your monitor has two inputs then most likely you do not need any KVM switch. Just connect both PCs on each port; switching between comps is done usualy by front knob. If there is only one input on monitor then you will need a KVM. Before buying this piece of hardware check your graphic cards outputs on each PC. These days most of the monitors have one DVI and one analog (D-SUB) input. While D-SUB is somehow unique, there are different versions of the DVI - DVI-I; DVI-I and DVI-A (check on


    Accessing two or more systems using one monitor can be done:

    1. using Remote Access

    2. X11 services

    Remote Access will cause the console/desktop of the remote to be shown on the local monitor and give mouse,keyboard control

    X11 (see link below) will give the same access to multiple systems at the same time each within its own window/frame. X11 has extra security consideration and caution should be exercised until one becomes familiar with X11 Security.

    Windows systems need both X11-Server and Client installs.

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    One Monitor Two Computers

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    There are several things you can do:

    1. a KVM-switch

    This is a piece of hardware that allows you to control 2 or more computers with one set of keyboard (K), mouse (M) and display (V=video). You can switch between the connected PCs using a hotkey command - you can not see what is happening on both PCs at the same time.

    2. Special software

    You can install a program like UltraVNC as a service on each of the PCs, then see and control it remotely from the other one.

    Depending on your operating system, you can also use a remote desktop connection.

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    Yes and you can configure them to be half screen. l/r or t/b left,right or top, bottom. if you want you can have two separate windows too. Most new computers already have two video inputs, VGA (the one with the two screws) and the plug-n-play that most new monitors use. So all you need is an adapter if you have two new screens. I have two flat screens and configured them so that when I move the mouse the cursor disappears on the right and appears on the left side of the screen next to it. (its perfect for excel spread sheets) and other wide applications. This also works for top to bottom applications. Like long web sights with a slidebar on the right .

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  • You can use a program called Synergy (It's free!) that lets you network two computers together, and control both of them with one mouse, keyboard, and monitor! It's excellent for home networks and I've seen it used here on my college campus.

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    Ignore the retard above. If I understand your question correctly, you can use a KVM switch to use one monitor with two computers. They're pretty cheap too.

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    No, That would blow all of the hard drives.

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