How to prepare for the us marshals?

I really want to become a us marshal. I was wondering what kind of exams they take during training camp.If anyone could answer this that would be great

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  • 9 years ago
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    The first 12 weeks of training is the criminal investigator training program (CITP). This program is the same for every agency at FLETC that has criminal investigators (US Marshals, Secret Service, ATF....) The exams are not hard, they are multiple choice and are fairly easy if you just study. There are 6 or 8 exams total. In addition to exams during CITP, there are practical exams as well (like 40-50, i forget). Things like defensive tactics, handcuffing, searches incident to arrest. Again, not extremely difficult, just need to pay attention during the instructional.

    Once you graduate from CITP, you then go right into your agency specific training. For the marshals, the academy is at the same location (FLETC). The marshals academy is a lot more difficult than CITP, the exams are about the same but the practical exams are much harder and stricter. If you are going to the academy, make sure you're in good running shape because they will run you into the ground. Also, you will be doing a lot of fighting against fellow recruits/instructors so be ready for a lot of bumps and bruises.

    Source(s): Me. DUSM
  • 3 years ago

    MP and safe practices Forces are an awesome transition into civilian police artwork, yet no longer FBI or US Marshal. For FBI, you want journey in police artwork to be an agent yet growing a member of the military as a Human Intelligence Collector (Interrogator) is an awesome thanks to get a superior initiating position in FBI artwork. As for US Marshal, i might want to point growing a member of a Raid rigidity particular Operations crew (ie. military Rangers or Marine rigidity Recon).

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    9 years ago

    Getting a law degree would be a good start.

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