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Wearing 59fifty new era fitted's?

Okay well I just got into the interest of 59fifty fitteds. alot of kids in my school wear them, and I had gotten an interest in wearing them. But like these days kids are always matching with outfits and shoes. I was wondering how would I transition into wearing fitted's without being made fun of or anything? I have my many friends at school, that like to joke around or criticize others by things like this. I know its a weird question. Just kind of need some advice.

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    If you get a New Era cap remember these 2 things:

    1. Always get one that fits just right. You can usually just try em on at any store that sells them or ask a worker at the store to have you fitted. If its too big,'ll probably look hilarious.

    2. Always get one that completes a pair of shoes. Your top and bottom can usually be anything, but the hat and shoes just have to match in order to have some constancy in your outfit.

    Remember these 2 things and you'll be on your way to being a New Era certified wearer.

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    damn reliable question bro, I easily have in basic terms some hats from back interior the day that have the eco-friendly below invoice and no MLB sort on the back. U probably bigger served to put in writing a letter to New era and state u were an exceedingly long term wearer of their product and desire to appreciate. in basic terms genuine fulfillment

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    6 years ago

    If you want a more fitted, customized and personalized hats then don't forget to have the customized hats from new era.

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