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What is my Yugioh Card's Net Value!?

Hey I'm wanting to sell my cards as I don't play anymore and was wondering how much they're worth. Alot of them are old banned cards but I think they still have value in them. The ones with * are the ones I believe to be worth the most.

Dragon Master Knight UEO2-EN001

Dark Paladin DMG-001

Drop OfF LOD-097

Swords Of Concealing Light FET-EN042

* Harpies Feather Duster SDD-003

* Cyber Stein DB2-EN100

* Armed Dragon LV7 SOD-EN015

The Creator EEN-ENSE2

Scapegoat SDJ-041

* Fiber Jar LOD-056

Delinquent Duo MRL-039

* Yata-Garasu LOD-000

Gravity Bind PSV073

Call of the Haunted PSV-012

Creature Swap LOD-081

* Tri-Horned Dragon LOB-000

Luster Dragon MFC-058

Black Tyranno IOC-075

* Gemini Elf LON-000

Please onoly serious answers, and thanks for reading I hope someone can help!

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    None of these cards are particularly valuable, just a few dollars each at most.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yugico is NOT a good site for prices. Your cards are worth $1-5 each. I'd just sell them all in one lot.

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  • 9 years ago

    you got there some card that are good like armed dragon lv7 to see the exatly value go to

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