What's the name of this song?

It's from an episode of Angel called Salvage. It's the very last song and its a quiet sort piano lullaby. You can listen to it the link below, but it doesn't start until the last like 20 seconds or so. If anyone knows if there is a full version of this song I'd love to hear it, thanks!

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    The man who scored (made the background music for) the show Angel was Robert J. Kral. He has has an album of scores from the show called Angel: Live Fast, Die Never. I don't know which song is from which episode but the songs are

    1. "Angel Main Theme [The Sanctuary Extended Remix]" - Darling Violetta

    2. "Start the Apocalypse"

    3. "The End of the World"

    4. "Massive Assault"

    5. "Home"

    6. "Hero" (Featuring Elin Carlson)

    7. "Judgment & Jousting"

    8. "The Birth of Angelus" (Featuring Elin Carlson)

    9. "Rebellion"

    10. "The Trials for Darla"

    11. "Dreaming of Darla"

    12. "Untouched/Darla's Fire"

    13. "Darla's Sacrifice"

    14. "Welcome to Pylea"

    15. "Through the Looking Glass"

    16. "Castle Attack"

    17. "Cordy Meets Fred"

    18. "Princess Cordelia"

    19. "Farewell Cordelia"

    20. "I'm Game" - Christophe Beck

    21. "Touched" - VAST

    22. "LA Song" - Christian Kane

    23. "Lady Marmalade" - Andy Hallett

    24. "It's Not Easy Being Green" - Andy Hallett

    25. "A Place Called Home" - Kim Richey

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