Ultimate survival knife.?

Please can you recommend what you think to be the ultimate survival knife. e.g The gerber bear grylls knife through there is a few bad reviews.

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    If you are going to buy from Gerber (a good company for knives) go for the LMF II survival knife. The Bear Grylls knife has you paying for the name and not the quality. Other than with celebrity knives (which are overpriced) you tend to get what you pay for. The LMF II is used by miitary personell to save their lives in hostile, survival situations and was purpose built for survival.

    MY favorite knife, and it is a bit cheaper than the LMF is a classic Ka-Bar USMC knife. No bells and whistles, just an all around solid knife made out of my favorite steel (1095 high carbon). Razor sharp and easy to hone in the field. They make a 5" blade version that is a good size for survival purposes.

    SOG makes the Seal Pup knife which is quality and Cold Steel makes the SRK. There are many quality knives out there for $50.00-80.00. I read the reviews on the Grylls knife and heard some bad things that you would not want to experience in the bush.

    Source(s): Here's a link to some of the best prices for knives I have found (I am in no way affilliated with this company, so I have no idea if they're legit or what the deal is, but they're stuff is significantly cheaper than other sites. Maybe it takes a year to get to you 'cause they transport it to you by camel or something: http://www.poorfish.com/c-41-knives.aspx do your own research, I haven't bought anything from them, but I plan to next time I need a knife. Oh, wait, I carry a Ka-Bar. I won't NEED another knife for a long while. So next time I WANT a new knife, I'll check these guys out.
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    Khukuri machete is a multipurpose tool and can be used for defense amongst other machetes',

    Or a standard Ka-Bar Military knife would serve many purposes and are built to last.

    It all comes down to preference and the uses you want, the nice thing about knives is that you can take alot of them around with you :D

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    A high carbon 8" clip-point Bowie.

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