What is the best degree course - Business and Management or Business Management and why?

I have an offer from Bath Spa in respect of the first and Southampton Solent and London Met in respect of Business Management. Can you advise which is the best place to go. Thank you.

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    9 years ago
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    business and management because it is a more looked for and has 2 prominent parts not 2 put together its better to fall back on and you can do any type of management not just business minded

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    I am currently studying an MSc in Management at Derby Uni, I have been here for 4 years. I did my HND in Business and management then topped it up to a degree in business management and now I am doing my masters in Management! I don't feel there is a huge difference between business and management and business management. What I would do is go to the uni open days and query it for yourself, that way you get a better idea and you can speak to current students who are there and also the teachers.

    I have covered a wide range of modules from HR, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Marketing Services etc....they have all been relevant, so it really depends on what the uni's have on offer in terms of modules and to see if they are interesting to you.

    The link below are Derby's open days:

    The Business courses that Derby do:

    You can click on them to see what modules they have to offer.

    Hope this helps :) X

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    An AA degree in all fairness valueless by using itself and could have 0 bearing on your capacity to get a corporation very own loan. Taking some intro courses at a junior college does not advise you at the instant know the thank you to run a corporation.

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