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Name of movie with contagious virus aboard a plane?

So this movie came out quite a while back, like in 2002>1995 and the name slips my mind.

Few things before I discuss plot

-it is a very realistic senoraio, no zombies, no snakes. this is not an epidemic movie for the virus is quarinitined on the involves only a handful of places

-symptoms of the virus include

1) cerbeal hemmoraging (bleeding through ears, eyes, nose) 2)coughing, severe (sometimes involves blood) 3) sweating 4) light headedness, fainting, passing out. 5) death

-note that this virus has a really really quick incubation period (20-30 minuets)

So there are 2 (I assume bio terrorist who gave themselves the disease to spread across the country) guys walking along the airport, and one grows sick and needs to go to the bathroom. There he vomits blood, and dies while the other goes off scared to the terminal. On the plane some passengers begin feeling sick, or feverish. The flight crew still isnt sure what to think of it. Next scene I remember is this flight assistant going into the cockpit and hands the captian a think of orange juice, were he contracts the virus. He begins feeling "hot" and it is sure that he is infected. The co-pilot calls for distress and gets connected to the CDC were a blond woman is working. The CDC arrives on what the virus is, and directs the plane over to CDC HQ airport. Before the plane can land, the co-pilot dies. (all the while, people have been dying, and this strange man in his 30-40's has the virus but tries to hide it from the rest of the cabin. There is also a girl in her teens. These are some main characters) a man in the cabin who can fly single engine prop planes is designated to land. He lands the plane, the CDC comes aboard in hazmat suits, gives everyone shots (obviously antidotes) and by this time the man who tried to hide the virus is dead, once off the plane I remember the one iconic line said by a passenger (main character) "did you notice all of this happened on a full moon?"

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    This is a wild guess:

    Pandora's Clock (1996 TV movie)

    starring Richard Dean Anderson, Daphne Zuniga, Jane Leeves, Richard Lawson, Edward Herrmann, Robert Guillaume, Robert Loggia, Jerry Hardin

    IMDb synopsis:

    Quantum Airlines Flight 66 has just taken off from Frankfurt, Germany, bound for New York's JFK International Airport with 247 passengers aboard. After take-off, a man infected with a Doomsday Virus passes out while a flight attendant and doctor try to save the man. The pilot tries to land the plane but can't because the people on the ground know about the virus. An ambassador and his secretary help the pilot struggle through the government's secret attempt to shoot Flight 66 out of the air. And if the plane does land, Doomsday has arrived on Earth.

    Here's a fan-made trailer:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I'll keep looking for other possibilities.

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    its Killing Moon (2000).

    The line is: "you know it was a full moon last night"

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    Almost sound like "Outbreak."

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