What indigenous people live in pakistan?

I'm in MUN (Model United Nations) and I have a conference coming up.

One of the topics is Incorporating 'Indigenous People into society and the global mainstream while allowing them to preserve their cultures' and i need to find how many indigenous groups reside in Pakistan. So far, i have found nothing...

My conference is on Friday and today is Wednesday, though, I have a formal tonight where i can get an idea on who are my allies...

Please help me!

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    I'll try to answer your question:

    Punjab is: Make up almost 44% of Pakistan. Reside in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Ethnically composed of local Dravidian who later intermingled with Aryans who invaded the area. Since then there have been admixtures in small volumes but largely maintain an Indo-Aryan identity.

    Siraikis: Make up almost 10% of the country. Reside in the Southern part of Punjab province. Similar as Punjabis. Characterized by their Siraiki language.

    Sindhis: 13% of the country. Live in Sindh province. Speak Sindhi and are Indo-Aryan like the other two.

    Balochis: 5% of country. Inhabit Balochistan province of Pakistan and Sistan and Balochistan province of Iran. Iranian ethnic group. Speak Baloch language. Have moved slightly but more or less inhabit the area where they reside since ancient times.

    Pashtun: 15% of country. Inhabit north western Pakistan and south, central and eastern Afghanstan. Includes the FATA region, northern Balochistan and Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Semitic roots, but have slightly intermingled with Greeks, Turks, Persians and Arabs. Closest relatives are Ashkenazi Jews and Sicilians. Believed to have left their original home somewhere in Israel around the time of the destruction of the second temple. Speak Pashto language.

    Muhajir: 7%. Immigrants from India. Indo-Aryan mostly.

    Shina, Khowar, Kohistanis, Kashmiris, Burusho, Kalash, Guhjali/Wakhan: 2% of country. Reside in Kashmir and the northern areas of Pakistan, known as Gilgit-Baltistan today. They are considered to be Dardic. Many speak Indo-Aryan languages mostly but some languages such as Burushaski and Wakhi are isolate languages.

    Brahui: 0.5-1%. Dravidian peoples. Language closely related to Southern Indian languages. Thought to have inhabited the region since the days of the Indus Valley Civilization.

    It is hard to characterize any ethnic group in Pakistan as indigenous but if you must generalize then the last two would make most sense. They have inhabited the region for an undetermined amount of time and except for the Kashmiris and Kohistanis (contact), have not moved long distances and have also not made contact with other groups, hence fulfilling both criteria.

    Source(s): Historian, Anthropologist
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    The Kalash tribe is one of them

    And I THINK the Hunza is in Pakistan as well.. not too sure

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    very interesting question

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    yeah.......the girl above me is right

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