Online Version of Access?

Does anyone know if there is an online version/equivalent of MS Office Access 2007?


Clarification: I mean an Access type program that I can use online.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Not sure what You mean by "online version/equivalent"...

    If You just mean other programs that mimic Access that You can get online, check out Open-Office. I hear thier DB program is a pretty good knock-off of MS Access...


    Access 2007 has templates of forms which can be published to web pages and used as part of a site.

    Other than THAT... If Your looking for a site that offers MS Access functionality, like a browser-based DB development program, I don't think there is one. All require download to Your local PC...

    A number of languages could be used to write that, And have been, but for specific purposes (IE Customer's querying information from a bank, etc...). Some services offer online storage, but it's just file a server. None allow You to build Your own Tables, Queries, Forms, & Reports etc to access & manipulate the data You keep there.

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