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Alaskan and/or Siberian Husky Questions?

I live in NY on Long Island, does this matter for either of the dogs?

Which one is more playful?

My parents are divorced so I would only seem him/her, how would this affect my relationship with the dog?

Are they loyal and easy to train?

How much do they cost?



My parents are divorced so I would only see him/her half the week, how would this affect my relationship with the dog?

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    Personally based on your information, I think an Alaskan Malamute would suit your needs best. As they are good with children and other animals, In general. Keep in mind each dog/pup is different and has they're own personality. Just please do your research and make sure everyone in your household is on board. They require frequent brushing as they shed year round and blow their coats 2 times a year, Which is when they shed their under coat so new hair can come in. Your house will be an actual snow globe with hair everywhere! They can be hard to train so start early and be consistent. They need lots of exercise frequently. Also these are dogs that will be apart of your life for say the next 12-16 years. Also get out a notepad and start writing out all the expenses and things you'll need. Vet visits and shots are very important. If you find your ready for either breed, Your a luck person and I wish you all the lucky. I hope all of this helps.

    -Siberian Huskies are faster, slightly smaller then Mals and are highly social and intelligent. Can come in a variety of coat and eye colors. Contrary to popular belief, They're tails do not curl. A good pup is roughly $500 - $750 These dogs need plenty of exercise, Even more than Malamutes, Make sure you have the time and dedication to provide them with the proper amount or they become very destructive. Also They are usually very vocal, Be prepared for a talker.

    -Alaskan Malamutes are stronger, similar in appearance but a different breed. They are loyal, stubborn and brave. They are great with children. Also they do not have blue eyes. Tails should be carried gracefully draped over the back. A good pup is $650 - $900 These are the dogs on sled teams that provide the power.

    -The ''Alaskan Husky'' is a made up breed between these two. It isn't not a legit breed. So there is still not standard as it is not recognized by the AKC. They are said to be a good balance between the two. If your looking for this type of mix I've seen them anywhere from $50 - $250, Don't let anyone try to make you pay an outrageous price for ''Alaskan Husky'' papers, Because there is no such thing.

    Added Details:

    Make sure the parent that the dog stays with is up for the task. As these breeds need plenty of exercise, At least a good 10-20 minute walk a few times a day or they shall go mad. (Figure of speech)Your relationship with him/her should remain alright as long as your parent with the dog gives it plenty of attention. These are very needy dogs! You also want to make sure your parent watching the dog doesn't mind constant talking. As they both are vocal breeds, Malamutes aren't usually as bad about it. I find it a cute behavior but if you live in a apartment or something, Your neighbors might not appreciate it. I hope this helps and everything works out for you. Good luck.

    Source(s): I've owned & studied Sibs & Mals for 7+ Yrs. I've been a Pet owner my whole Life, almost 20 Years. I also run a Siberian Husky Owner's Forum.
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    1.) Siberian huskies are high energy working dogs. If the parent taking care of this dog full-time is not an avid jogger or biker this is NOT the breed for you. This breed is notorious for destroying the couch or digging trenches through the yard when not sufficiently exercised. This breed has an instinctive urge, desire, and NEED to run. They were bred to pull heavy loads over long distances. Racing huskies burn 10,000+ calories per day during the racing season. You MUST provide a reasonable substitute--if this dog will not get a 2 hour run every single day then you cannot provide for its needs and are not a suitable owner. Never, ever underestimate the destructiveness of a bored husky, they have been known to cause thousands of dollars in property damage in a matter of hours.

    2.) The alaskan husky is a mongrel sled dog. They are working dogs, not pets. They are bred for working drive and working ability, not trainability and not temperament. You generally only find mushers selling or given them away.

    3.) This dog will not be getting enough exercise unless your parents are active people. Seeing him and exercising him half the week then leaving a bored husky in the hands of a parent is irresponsible and reckless.

    4.) Huskies are not loyal. They are by nature friendly and will run off with anybody dangling a leash or treat or offering a car ride.

    5.) They are not easy to train. Huskies are stubborn and willful. Good traits for a sled dog, it gives them the perseverance to push on. However, to the unprepared owner this is a bad, bad thing. Huskies, even when well trained, will generally choose when to obey and when to ignore you.

    6.) A decently bred sibe will run you $800+. Look for OFA and CERF registration on the b*tch and stud. An alaskan husky that doesn't make the cut for a sled team may be cheap or free.

    If you are adamant on a husky find an alaskan husky with a low drive, one that did not have the working drive needed. You can't always trust a musher trying to unload dogs to be truthful, though. The dog could be a neurotic, emotional train wreck, or simply a docile animal. Many sled dogs have poor temperaments, though.

    Source(s): Experience owning and working with sled dogs.
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    Alaskan Huskies are nothing more than mutts bred specifically for their endurance. They are not an actual breed.

    Siberian Huskies are neither loyal nor easily trained. They will not 'protect' you against aggressors. They are much more inclined to save their own ****.

    Siberian Huskies, though not very loyal are extremely pack orientated. They need consistant training, discipline, and expectations. They are notoriously dominant, and need strict house-rules that are equally enforced.

    You can get them as cheap as $500, however you get what you pay for in this breed, and this is a breed you do not want to risk poor breeding or temperment.

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    im a graduate groom and have many huskies and malamutes on my table. i can tell you they are both playful breeds, malamutes tend to be much larger than huskies. both need lots of outdoor exersize to be happy. im not sure what your parents divorce has to do with it. the cost can be anything from very inexpensive for an almost adult dog from a shelter or rescue to a few hundred dollars for a puppy.

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