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What colors do the letters remind you of?

A: Red

B: Yellow

C: Green

D: Green

E: Orange

F: Brown

G: Brown

H: Blue

I: Clear

J: Gray

K: Blue

L: Yellow

M: Deep red

N: White

O: White

P: Purple

Q: Gray

R: Brownish-red

S: Yellow

T: Orange

U: Gray

V: Red

W: Gray

X: Black

Y: Red

Z: Black


I didn't think it was so difficult to understand, lol.

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    A: aqua

    B: blue

    C: coral

    D: deep forest green

    E: ewmerald

    F: faded burgundy

    G: grape

    H: highlighter orange

    I: Indigo

    J: jewish flag of Israel light blue (no offense here, I am jewish)

    K: kryptonite green

    L: light pink

    M: mauve

    N: naked ( the color of my girlfriend's skin when she is naked)

    O: orange

    P: purple

    Q: black, because it's the color of Quagmire's hair on Family Guy

    R: red

    S: Steel blue

    T: teal

    U: red again because I thought of a the red umbrella on those traveler's Insurance commercials

    V: red again because of valentine's day

    W: white

    X: black because it's the color of x-ray paper

    Y: yellow

    Z: black because it's the color of Zod's outfit in Superman 2

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    A- Red

    B- Blue

    C- Green

    D- Blue

    E- Green

    F- Green

    G- Pink

    H- White

    I- Aqua

    J- Blue

    K- Purple

    L- Yellow

    M- Magenta

    N- Red

    O- Black

    P- Red

    Q- Green

    R- Red

    S- Yellow

    T- Green

    U- Grey

    V- Violet

    W- Purple

    X- Blue

    Z- Orange

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    A - Yellow

    B - Orange

    C - Blue

    D - Purple

    E - Brown

    F - Red

    G - Black

    H- Red

    I - Gray

    J - Purple

    K - Pink

    L - Blue

    M - Red

    N - Blue

    O - Black

    P - Violet

    Q - Multicolored...

    R - Orange

    S - Yellow

    T - Blue

    U - Black

    V - Red

    W - Yellow

    Y - Purple

    Z - Black


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    B reminds me of blue and blue reminds me of Best.

    A reminds me of green and green reminds me of Answer.

    Best answer?

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    ahhhhh.......... Z:Black.... coz it reminds me that its ma fav color.lollz.....






    all abv colors reminds me of our Indian Flag.........(:

    colors of joy.....(:

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