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Part-time law school schedule?

What is the typical part-time law school schedule? I'm looking at Brooklyn Law, CUNY, and a few others in NYC with p/t programs. I appreciate real experienced individuals, professors, or parents of law students who have taken on this endeavor responding openly. I will be working full-time while I go to school. I have some leeway with my f/t gig but concede that there will be some really long days. I would appreciate it if anyone who has accomplished a p/t JD would give me a realistic perspective of what I will be facing in the fall. As well... Can I switch over to f/t throughout my degree studies? Will I really be left out of internship opportunities if I am p/t (i would assume there are some firms or courts that would have weekend or one day a week opportunities if I could swing that? What schools were great for you to attend part-time in NYC? Thanks much Yahoo'ers.



Clarification, I am well aware of the policies of the schools I am applying to, the "can I switch to full-time" is meant as looking for opinions on that type of transition, will it be easy or hard, smooth or rocky, any tips?

thanks much.

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    My wife attended and graduated from part time law school while working nearly full time before we met each other. She has told me that there was time for almost nothing else in her life besides work, school, and study. She was lucky to have had child care assistance. She is an exceptionally dedicated person who enjoys working hard for long hours.

    Switching to full time will depend on the policies of your law school.

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