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What do you think of this intro/organization for my fantasy/spiritual book?

"It was too long when everything went out of wack in my home town of Picketee, March County Wisconsin. There has been three or four sightings and one or two picture snaps (though highly dense) of what some people would call Vampires, Barghests, Lycanthropes, Water People and Wood Folk. Most the nations worldwide have had scientists and psychics on their trails but to no avail yet still continue to search for these supernatural beings. Plenty of organizations have been made to either romanticize, demonize or falsify these creatures, one in particular that seemed of both disgust and interest to me was an ideology known as Reasonism;

Reasonism was a new philosophy that both demonized and tries to rid these creatures as inferiors to the human race; the origin of this ideology was copied from a historic Cult of Reason, a highly atheistic and deeply humanocentric system during the French Revolution, made in order to replace Christianity and perfect mankind with truth, liberty and reason. It killed many who did not follow, later the cult was abolished by Robespierre and replaced it with the Cult of the Supreme Being.

Whilst the old practice was made by atheists, this new Reasonist movement was made by maltheists, dystheists and misotheists; they have a deep hatred for anything supernatural and believed that mankind is the only species superior to any animal in the world, including space. Their anthropocentrism was explicit and downright definite; refusing to believe that nature could overcome man and that reason was their claimant that no other species has except humankind.

They admire and advocate for industrialism, technology, materialism, and bureaucracy".

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  • 9 years ago
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    It's alright, but if you gave this a creative twist and an exciting element it would be more entraining.

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  • 4 years ago

    actual books. i like the sensation once you carry them and the scent of them while they're variety new. whether, E-books are valuable considering that i could desire to hold 2,000 or extra books with me anyplace i bypass. I carry my kindle with me as quickly as I shuttle and its much less perplexing than wearing 3 books or extra on a visit. Plus the books are extra inexpensive. i bought a e book for $5 it extremely is a extensive distinction from its hardcover ($12). yet nonetheless, i like actual books.

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  • A bit long.....and a bit boring

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