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aer lingus, online check in? number of ordinary bags?


im checking in online and one of the questions is number of ordinary bags..?

does this mean how many suitcases and/or carry on luggage aswell...

ive booked 1 suitcase but also bringin on a backpack for the plane...


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    9 years ago
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    You can pre-pay for the airline to take your surf board / golf clubs / ski's. An ordinary bag is basically your suitcase as you aren't taking any special items. Check their website for details of carry on bags, as it is different for different routes i.e Birmingham UK - Dublin you can take 10kg of hand baggage. A domestic flight within Ireland, you are only permitted 7KG.

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    Aer Lingus Mobile Check In

  • 3 years ago

    Aer Lingus Online Check In

  • Lisa
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    9 years ago

    When you check-in they ask how many bags you plan to check, this does not include carry-on luggage.

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  • Marlo
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    4 years ago

    probably reserved for their elite frequent fliers

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