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White Leather Sofa????????

My fiance and I are thinking about buying a white leather sofa set. We have a little dog, who's an indoor dog and no kids. We plan to have kids but due to health issues I am unable to within a 3-5 years timeline, so even once that time comes - we tend to change furniture enough that we'd just sell what we have in 5 years and replace them when the time comes.

Anyway... when we were in the store looking at this set... we asked the sales person if jeans really do leave marks and she said that unless they are brand spanking new, and never washed - we should be ok. With that said, does dirt really show that much? Like, in the seams? Or is it if you have kids and aren't careful?

If I were to clean these couches like you're suppose to ever month (I'm a neat freak) would we be ok? I don't want to go and spend $2600 on a couch and loveseat if I am going to regret it in a year. You know?

The couches in the store have no marks on them and we wonder how long they've been on the showroom for and how many people have sat in them. They're in perfect condition! Wouldn't that kind of be the same for one in your own home?

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    Biggest mistake i ever did was buy an expensive creme leather sofa, even putting a newspaper on the arms leaves marks.

    and the specialist leather cleaner you buy off them doesn't really work that good, you are forever cleaning it even if your not the type of person to be overly houseproud.

    I went on to buy a black leather sofa set and didn't have any problems in fact i still have 8 years later.

    They have cleaners in every day making sure the sofa looked good, and we don't know have often they change the display sofa for another one

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    White Leather Sofa

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    Yes jeans really do leave blue marks on leather, this is known in the trade as dye transfer, Dye transfer isn't just associated with jeans but anything which will transfer colour on to your leather including news paper, food colouring, lipstick etc, the problem with dye/colour is it is designed to go in and not come out! You can limit the amount of time your furniture is exposed to these dyes by using a throw to cover the furniture, I know this goes against the whole idea of buying something lovely for the home but it will extend the life of the furniture in the long run.

    Dye transfer on the whole isn't the end of the world, all of the furniture I see have dye transfer to one degree or another but this is usually pretty uniformly spread out over the seating are so not so noticeable as you might think, the ones that look the worst are the older pieces of furniture where the leather has "puddled" (stretched) and the dye is visible along the edges of the creased leather where it has been sat on over long periods of time.

    You can take several measures to protect the leather,

    Once a week wipe down the leather with a damp cloth (damp not wet) to remove any dirt or stains that may have accumulated, this will also help to keep the leather supple and prevent it from drying out, don't scrub the surface of the leather, this will remove any protective coating

    There are many leather cleaning solutions on the market but all I will say is that in my experience as a leather technician most of them are detrimental to the leather as they are sticky and clog up the surface of the leather, attracting dirt and dust. Just remember that its a natural product and best cleaned with natural things

    Natural soap flakes and luke warm water are the best thing for a good deep clean, just use the bubbles not the water and be careful not to let the water run on the hide or you will struggle to get the water marks out

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    White Leather Settee

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    Go to the shoe section in any store and buy something called Saddle Soap. It looks like a shoe polish but it lathers up and cleans the leather without drying it actually puts moisture into it. Then wipe something called Mink Oil on it and u will keep it clean and soft with out spending money on expensive leather cleaners that don't work. All together these should cost you about 5 bucks.

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    My friend had a white leather sofa which looked fab, the only thing was that it had seams on it which turned blue due to people sitting on it with jeans on. We have white sofas although not leather...they do get dirty fairly quickly as we have a 22month old and 2 cats.

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    Reading this, made me wonder if in some other universe, there is someone with a pet cow considering getting a dog hide couch, and wondering about what marks might show up on that dog hide.

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