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What are some good makeup ideas for school/places to get makeup?

I'm only 13 and sort of hair skinned. I'm part Irish and part puerto rican so I have weird skin, I THINK I got puerto rican skin. what are some good places to get makeup and good makeup ideas?

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    Here are a few makeup tips for you!

    *Pressed Powder Foundation

    Using a cotton wool ball, press down and swirl gently in the powder container and then press the cotton wool ball on areas on your face. This helps it to stay on longer!

    *Liquid foundation

    With all foundations, make sure you have the right colour for your skin tone.

    If you want a thick, even coverage then apply the foundation to your face using a cosmetic sponge.

    For an easier but thinner coverage, use your fingertips to blend into your face.

    *Mousse foundation

    Applying with your fingertips is the best way. Did you know that mousse foundation is actually powder?

    *Liquid Concealer

    Apply dots under your eyes in a crescent-moon shape and dab using the tip of your middle finger. Don't rub - this wipes the concealer off!


    Smile! Apply a small amount onto a blusher brush and blend onto your apples in a circular motion.

    Another way of applying it so that it doesn't look so dramatic is to dab on TINY amounts using your finger and rub in circular motions to blend.


    Use a white eyeliner on your bottom waterline to make your eyes appear bigger.

    Using any other colour eyeliner you like, apply just underneath your bottom lashes. Then roll a cotton bud (or q tip I think they're called in America, idk) gently into some petroleum jelly (vaseline) and use it to smudge and blend your eyeliner in. Same technique can be used for applying eyeliner on your eyelids.


    ALWAYS use an eyelash curler BEFORE applying mascara. When applying, apply in a zigzag motion. This helps to coat all the lashes. Remember to use an eyelash brush inbetween coats to make your lashes appear more natural.


    The key is to exfoliate! Roll a cotton bud in some petroleum jelly (like with the eyeliner!), then roll it in some sugar and swirl gently on your lips for 30 seconds, then wash that off and apply petroleum jelly to your lips.

    Hope you found these helpful! :)♥

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    Well there are so many options!

    Personally, orange eye shadow is OUT, so I wouldn't suggest going with that. And knowing you have a tan skin, I'm assuming, orange anything wouldn't look pleasant.

    Colors work good on some people. When you're tan, it's best to stick with earth tone colors. This is blacks, browns, navy's, silver, grey, and greens. If you have the money, I would suggest you look at MAC Cosmetics, which is a great brand of makeup! They have MAC counters at major shopping locations and malls. If you go into there though, they will match all the right colors for your skin tone and will find you the best products for your skin.

    Knowing you're only 13 though, I would suggest looking at another store called Bare Essentails, which is all natural based products. The thing with young girls like yourself is that many times, girls will add an unnecessary amount of color to the face. If you have too much color going on, it will come across as the "clown effect". Bare Essentials has a great natural looking selection of foundations and bronzers. They also are much more cheaper and healthy for the skin.

    Look into those two places. Of course, makeup has no limitations, so remember to have fun with it!


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    Okay, well considering you're only 13, I would use either clear mascara or black mascara. I would use clear! (It doesn't get chunky on your eyes!) And eyeshadow. If you have fair skin I would use very light silvery colors, light feathery purple, white ( be sure to blend it) or maybe even a very light blue. But, if you have darker skin I would use brown, gray(smoky eye color), dark green, or purple. There are other colors, but those are the basics. For eyeliner, I wouldn't use eyeliner. I would take a q-tip and get it wet. Then in the corner of a brown or black eyeshadow color, I would get some on the q-tip and use it like eyeliner, I wold only use brown or black for these, and if you have narrow skinny eyes, use it mostly on the bottom only until the middle of your waterline though. And for blush I would use a light pink or coral for light skin and a darker coral or pinkish-brown color for tan skin. For lip gloss or lip stick use light pinks and corals for fair skins and muaveish-pink colors for tan skin. You can get all these from places like Walgreen's, CVS or other Drug stores. If you want to go Professional go to Clinique or MAC. But they are both expensive.

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    Well I recently got a kit with 97 different colors for 7$ because it was at Ross. You should check it out. This is my best longest lasting eyeshadow I own and I got it at ross because the mirror was broken! They sell quality stuff there, you should check it out :)

    And I like to switch it up. I match my eyeshadow with whatever I'm wearing, that's why I like having 100 colors to choose from haha. Today I'm wearing pink, orange and blue eye shadow ;D

    It looks flippin awesome! Mix it up and don't be afraid to do something fun and creative!

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