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do you think shane mosley must retire if he looses to pacquiao? how would you assess his entire career?

how great was shane mosley? what if he wins? should he continue and if he does win, how much gravity would this impact shane mosley's all time ranking?

Sugar Shane started his pro career in 1993, By 2000 he had fought 34 times amassing a 34–0 (32) record, beating undefeated Phillip Holiday to win the IBF Lightweight title. He made 9 title defenses with all inside the distance, but never unified belts. Mosley relinquished his lightweight title to move up 2 divisions, facing Oscar De La Hoya for his Welterweight title.

Mosley has fought at welterweight or higher exclusively since relinquishing his lightweight belt in 1999, including seven bouts at junior middleweight and one other at 148 pounds -- an April, 2005 decision over David Estrada.

At junior middleweight, Mosley has twice stopped former world champion, Fernando Vargas, knocked out Mayorga, and earned his second win over former world champ, De La Hoya -- the latter for the WBC and WBA crowns in September of 2003.

Total fights 54

Wins 46

Wins by KO 39

Losses 6

Draws 1

No contests 1

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    Shane Mosley should retire a few fights ago. I have seen a lot of fighters who suffered permanent damage that they can't no longer do their daily chores on their own. I feel sad to see Muhammad Ali and the likes being in their present state. It will really break your heart looking at your favorite and admired fighter being unable to even be on their own.

    Shane has a colorful career that will be remembered and admire by the future generation. He already done so much for the fans of the sport by giving us fights to remember and stories to pass on to the young ones. The criticism that was thrown to his direction at present won't be in the record books. It will be numbers and facts, not asterisk and footnotes.

    I have a feeling that his divorce put him in the position to do a few more fights ignoring his health and the danger that boxing could bring. He have an ambition to be a promoter and he will be needing money to do so. He said several times that he is serious on these and we can expect him to be in competition with GBP and TR. My appreciation to what he have done makes me wish him well on his new endeavor. He will be remembered and have a place in the All Time Greats.

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    If any of those 3 have been given jointly the fights could be classic. I do rank Shane Mosley because of the fact the final welterweight interior the international because of the fact over the final decade he's been scuffling with the final and whilst he's lost it became into whilst he moved as much as combat Vernon and Winky. i understand he lost to Cotto yet whilst those adult adult males fought 10 situations i think of Mosley could win greater. i don't rank Manny that top at welter because of the fact he in straightforward terms has some wins interior the branch and Floyd, properly he hasn't fought an excellent 5 welterweight ever different than possibly Judah yet Zab is now not close to to being interior the coolest 5 which may be Mosley, Williams, Pacquiao, Beryo, Clottey, and Margarito.

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    He should have retired after defeating Tony Margarito and afterward failing to get a fight versus Manny Pacquiao and Andre Berto. Had he done that, he would have gone out with his reputation and legacy still quite intact.

    But he didn't and waited almost a year for the opportunity for another big fight.

    The long layoff---certainly a waste of time--- had affected him and his career since as he dropped a one-sided points decision to Floyd Mayweather and barely escaped with a draw against fringe contender Sergio Mora who was recently beaten by a certain Vera.

    Now he will be fighting against arguably the best fighter in the planet and odds are he will lose again and lose big.

    I guess it's high time he hangs them up regardless of his showing against Pacquiao this May. His career has been damaged enough and being someone not necessarily noted for his charm and good PR, I am afraid he could not bank on his past feats to carry him very high in the list of the best fighters or best welterweights of all time.

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    Shane Mosley's should retire even if he wins against Pacquiao he has nothing left to prove and one can only take so many blows to the head he should get out while he can still speak normal!

    As far as Sugar Shane's career goes he should be remembered as an all time great that fought everyone and anyone that would Challenge him and he never ducked any one!

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    Shane should retire after Pacquiao. Win, lose or draw, he will not be the same. Neither will Pacquiao. People count Mosley out because of his last two fights. It's sickening to listen to "those in the know" give Floyd so much credit for his performance against Mosley. While I believe Floyd would still have won, it should be obvious that Mosley was over-trained and horribly dehydrated. A blind man could see that.

    It's to take nothing from Floyd but it's just the facts. Floyd is as good as he looked against Mosley. Mosley is better than he looked against Floyd. That said, this fight will be tougher for Pacquiao than people think. It's exactly what Floyd has been waiting for, these past two years.

    Forget all that garbage he talks about "cleaning up boxing". This is one reason I've lost respect for Floyd. ANYONE knows he has NO interest in cleaning up boxing. He's simply waiting for Pacquiao to ruin himself because he KNOWS that Team Pacquiao will not turn down this fight even if it doesn't happen for another two years.

    Floyd also knows that fighting Pacquiao would net him more money than any three "non-Pacquiaos". So, why should he fight anyone else? The Mosley fight was easy money because the timing was 100% on Floyd's side. Mosley was out for over a year and wasted the training for the Berto fight.

    Does anyone REALLY NOT see that the Mosley fight would have been more competitive had it happened in January-March, instead of May? Mosley is past his prime. But, anyone who thinks this fight will be easy for Pacquiao, doesn't know boxing or boxers. Also, anyone who does NOT see that Mosley was less than his best, against Floyd, doesn't know boxing.

    It's just the facts.

    Mosley should retire after this but I don't think he will. If he fought someone else, besided Pacquiao, he might actually have a few more fights in him. But, as it stands, because of the styles, neither Mosley nor Pacquiao will be the same when this is over.

    THAT is what Floyd is waiting for.

    As for Mosley's legacy or place in history, you have to always consider a fighter's losses. The only thing that is more important, in grading a fighter's legacy, is to consider the "Quality of Opposition".

    Who did he fight?

    Who did he lose to?

    Forget all that rubbish about accomplishments. Undefeated records mean little if the undefeated fighter has never faced the best available competition. For example, this is not to say that Muhammad ALI is the greatest of all heavyweights. Judge for yourself. However, THE most important criteria is "Quality of Opposition".

    ALI is the ONLY heavyweight champion who NEVER missed a top contender, and this is during BOTH reigns. He faced every contender while they were at their respective best.

    Holyfield and Louis could make similar claims. The difference is that Holyfield's reign was marred with politics and Louis simply didn't have anything near the competition level that ALI had.

    My point here is that, if you look at Mosley's losses--2 to Forrest, 2 to Wright and one to Cotto, you will see that he deserves some credit. This is because he took a risk that no other welterweight was willing to take.

    Did De la Hoya ever consider fighting Forrest or Wright? Did Mayweather? Besides a dehydrated Mosley, WHAT decent welterweight has Mayweather ever fought? He's been a 147 lb. fighter since 2005, which means that he, like others, grew "naturally" into the 147 division. The point is that there is no excuse for having avoided the best in the division since 2005. Floyd Mayweather has NEVER faced a prime welterweight. Judah was already garbage when Floyd faced him.

    Given this, Mosley deserves more credit than he will likely receive. He's not in league with Leonard or Robinson--neither is Floyd, despite his hollow boasts. Mosley is also not in league with Mayweather. He lost to the best welterweights and Mayweather never fought a good welterweight so Floyd gets the nod by default.

    Neither Mosley nor Mayweather makes the Top 10 at welterweight. Mayweather could claim it on talent but talent is meaningless if a fighter is not willing to face the best available competition.

    "QUALITY of OPPOSITION". Remember that Always because it's THE BEST criteria by which to judge the merit of a champion.

    Mosley lost to the best he has faced, but, at least he was brave enough to face them.

    Mayweather never faced the best available competition. He avoided them.

    Pacquiao, a "natural" lightweight, ranks higher than both and, I dare say that Duran should also rank above both. Think I'm nuts? I say this Duran's win over Leonard proves that, had he shown better discipline, he could have been one of history's greatest welterweights.

    Floyd and Mosley have accomplished some good things at 147. But both fall short of greatness for the above given reasons.

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    Maybe. I can see Pacquiao crusading victory against Mosley within 4 rounds. But I have to confess I don't see Mayweather fighting Manny even for king's ransom sums of money. But maybe I am wrong and Floyd will fight Manny or Khan some time this century and all that lol.

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    @galactus you are outta your damn mind, if mosley was in that bad of shape vs mayweather then what the excuse when he fought mora? nobody thought Mosley was an "old horse" until he fought mayweather and since he's been exposed now Manny wants him ( dont try to push the "Arum card" either thats bs) And by saying mannys better than both cut the crap.I read your post and you always have good points, but you know better then that.

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  • I am Joshua Mbngo Dmbungo TONGUE-CLICK Jnr. Jnr.

    I'm sure he'll be remembered kindly by history, as one of the nice guys of the sport who made no excuses. Fell just short of the highest echelon though.


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    Win loss, draw he should retire

    His biggest win was against delahoya twice

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    considering his age, for mosley, boxing is just a job now....

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