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Will my boobs ever grow again?

Hey everyone. I am a 36 A and I have been this way for probably 5 years. I am 18 turning 19 in July and I am 5' 2", 100 lbs. I got my first period at 10 and a half years old. Recently I have noticed that they have gotten fuller, but not bigger. Every woman in my family has C-D cup boobs, even my sister who is 16 has like a C cup. I want bigger boobs because my boobs look pretty small compared to my body. I don't understand why my boobs have never gotten bigger, I eat pretty good during the day.

Has anyone experienced boob growth this late when having their period around the same age as me?

Any comments would be helpful! :)

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    Since birth control pills has hormones in them, then, yes it can make your boobs bigger.

    The chemicals that are in those pills "trick" the body into thinking that you are in affect "pregnant".

    When a person that is pregnant gets high levels of these hormones it makes there boobs bigger.

    So it will be doing the same thing with you.

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    Hi, I wanted to tell you about my experience with the CurvyBust cream. I'm 24 years old and I've spent pretty much my whole life wishing I had slightly larger breasts. I'm normally a size A, I'd love to be a size B, especially when I wear certain kinds of low cut tops. I have a good figure, and I like what I have, but every now and then I would like a little bit more. Even if I had the money, (which I don't because I am a college student with loans to pay off), I would never consider going under the knife just to go up 1 cup size. So that's been my dilemma.

    I found out about curvybust cream when I was flipping through (Yahoo Answers). To be honest with you, I'm not the type of girl who would consider spending money on a cream that promises to increase breast size. It just seems like an impossible thing to claim. But there were three reasons that I decided to go for it:

    1) I contacted them via their website because I had a question about the cream being OK for sensitive skin (which it is, because it is made of natural botanical ingredients.)

    2) I was really impressed by their customer service and willingness to explain everything to me. 3) They offered me a free 12 day supply with no obligation, (I just had to pay the shipping costs- I wasn't too thrilled with that but it was still worth it to get the free product).

    Well, it's actually working! There is a noticeable difference in the size of my breasts! It's only been 10 days, and they say that the true final results won't appear until about the 4-6 month time frame, but based on what I can see, (and what my boyfriend can feel�) there's definitely a difference. My breasts are standing out more, and they are fuller and rounder. Sometimes I am able to go out without a bra, now I can't. And I have a feeling that I might have to actually buy new bras if the growth continues. I'm looking forward to seeing how the next month goes. There might actually be a size B in my future! Woohoo!

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    I'm a guy and from my experience with this these things i knew a girl who was respectfully flat chested up until she was 19 then she became sexually active next thing you know she had at least a c cup.

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    if you get fat or preggers than they'll grow even with horomone(birht control mostly estrogen)

    but sexual activty does not make them grow this is a lie only two things come from sex baby's or std's sometimes both if your not careful if your are gonna have sex use a condom and brith control stay safe

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    (hormone based) Birth control can make them grow, so does getting pregnant.

  • 9 years ago

    birthcontrol helps or so i hear haha

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    9 years ago

    go to read the forum.

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