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What is the best cruise to take when touring the Hawaiian Islands?

I believe there is a small ship that does an especially good job

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    ...can't remember what it was called. Their most memorable sight was seeing the lava flowing into the sea from the Island of Hawaii at night. It may have been one of the Norwegian Cruise line offerings because my dad really likes the way they run their ships. They have something called Freestyle Cruising, which NCL describes as follows:

    "You keep seeing Freestyle Cruising and you don't know exactly what it is, right? That's because we're the only cruise line that offers anything like it. Let's start with the fact that there are no fixed dining times. And you never have to eat in the same restaurant twice. Really. We won't ask you to sit with strangers like on other cruise lines. And, you only have to dress up if you want to. We've created that kind of freedom throughout the ship with a ton of fun things to do, or not do. It's NCL's Freestyle Cruising. Where you're free to whatever."

    Their Pride of Aloha has this itinerary:

    Day Port Arrive Depart

    Sun Honolulu XXX 8:00 PM


    Tue Kauai 8:00 AM - Overnight 7:00 AM

    Wed Hilo 9:00 AM 6:00 PM

    Thu Kona 7:00 AM 6:00 PM


    Sat Maui (Kahului) 8:00 AM - Overnight 2:00 PM

    Sun Honolulu 7:00 AM

    They also offer similar cruises on the Pride of Hawaii and the Pride of America.

    There is a true small ship cruise coming to Hawaii next year:

    Luxury line American Safari Cruises says it will launch high-end, seven-night voyages around the islands in December, 2008 aboard a 39-passenger luxury yacht.

    The ten-year-old company is already well-known in Alaska, where it was a pioneer in small ship adventure cruising and operates several small luxury yachts that explore the nooks and crannies of the state's glacier-lined coast. The line plans to bring the same flexible cruising style to Hawaii that it promotes in Alaska, bending itineraries to follow whales or dolphins or dodge iffy weather.

    "We've built our reputation on spontaneity," says Dan Blanchard, the line's CEO, who has explored the Hawaiian islands extensively by private boat. "Our style makes it possible to explore Hawaii without having to be at a specific port at a specific time. We can gunkhole, stop in out-of-the-way bays and coves, and be ready for whatever experiences may come along."

    American Safari will offer its Hawaii trips on the 150-foot-long Safari Explorer, one of two vessels joining its fleet in 2008 (bringing its total to six). The company is the first to attempt small ship cruises in the islands in more than two decades.

    One obvious hurdle for the company is Hawaii's reputation for rough waters, which can make the crossings between islands a rocky one on smaller ships. But American Safari vice president Tim Jacox says the Safari Explorer was built with Hawaii's seas in mind and features stabilizers that should diminish the effect of the waves.

    Jacox also notes that the ship will stick to the more-protected leeward side of the cluster of islands around Maui, including Maui, Molokai and Lanai. The itineraries are one way between Kailua-Kona on the Big Island and Kahului on Maui, thus requiring only one major crossing between islands.

    The first cruise begins Dec. 19, 2008. Prices start at $3,995 per person, based on double occupancy.

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    If you wish to fly to Hawaii and take a cruise which will depart from Honolulu, your choice is Norwgian cruise Lines on their Hawaii ships which are registered in the U.S. I am not a fan of Norwegian because they are considered party boats and my cruise experiences have been below par exect for the SS Norway which is now a distant memory. These cruises also cater to families with children, making it an option if this is your situation. The other is island hopping with Oahu as your base. There is now ahigh speed catamaran service between the Islands which woukd be your best bet to visit the other islands at a cost much lower than flying.

    If you have more time you could take one of the cruises leaving from the west coast, most likely departing from Encinata, Mexico (you are bussed from San Diego), and taking approximately 4 to 5 days to make the crossing, followed by a visit to each of the islands, the whole lasting between 11 & 14 days depending on the itinery. Celebrity, Holland America & Princess offer these cruises among others. Each of these are good lines, offering different amenities, depending on your personal preferences. Princess, fror example, offers open seating in one of its restaurants plus alternative pay restaurants, with no formal clothing requirements. This is now my personal choice for cruising as I do not want to get drssed on vacation, I am escaping that. Princesss food is good, and so is service.

    If you desire to be on a line that is one notch higher than it's Celebrity and Holland America, which are considered to be in the premium catagory, with a higher quality of personal service and food. Celebrity excels in the food catagory, which is considered the highest in the industry below the luxury lines such as Crystal, etc, for which you pay an arm and a leg. Celebrity, however, offers only fixed seating dining arrangements with formal dress nights, for which I will now bring either a suit or sometimes a sport jacket and tie. Gone are the days of the tuxedo.

    I still, though, prefer island hopping on my own, renting a car on each island and seeing all the spots that I wish to visit at my own pace, enjoying the night life and fine restaurants on each island. I recently did this on a trip to Greece and Turkey, taking a 3 day no thrill cruise as simply a ferry to get me to 4 specific locations that would have been otherwise difficult to reach which is not the case in Hawaii.

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    in accordance to Maritime regulation (particularly the Jones Act), a remote places-flagged deliver can't in basic terms cruise to American ports. they ought to hit a remote places port at last. maximum cruise traces are remote places-flagged via tax applications aside from the NCL ships listed above by potential of the different posters. so as to be American flagged, they ought to have a majority human beings voters working onboard. on the prospect of pissing off a number of readers, i will help you already know that having a deliver crammed with american workers isn't solid -- the cruise expenses alot extra (they call for larger wages than their remote places opposite numbers), and the provider isn't as solid as on primary cruises. the different deliver ought to flow to a remote places port. verify the itinerary to confirm the place you would be fending off to. maximum are battling in Ensenada, Mexico for an hour or 2 (no longer long sufficient so which you will get off the deliver). those ships are many times crusing around-holiday out of la, San Diego, or Vancouver. Catching a deliver in Honolulu many times potential vacationing to a a techniques off Pacific Island (Tahiti or the like).

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    Yes, the tours of the S.S. Minnow have been world famous for decades now.

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