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College suggestions with a 4.2 gpa?

I know I'm probably not at the ivy league level, but I want to find a reasonably prestigious school in the northeast when I apply next fall.

High school- public, top 100 in the US.

Top quartile, no class rankings

4.2 weighted gpa, 3.83 uw


Junior: physics, bio, us history, Calc AB

Senior: psychology, environmental science, Calc bc, literature, government

UC Berkeley internship- 6 hours a week during the school year, 30 during summer

Soccer-freshman junior & senior (knee injury soph)

Entered intel isef and sts & seimens science competitions- 2nd place in isef

Volunteering- nursing home, 4 hours a week soph-senior, 400 hours total

Band: freshman and sophomore year

Founder and president: club connect (works to connect the generations with a letter writing club from high schoolers to nursing home residents)

Member of my towns youth involvement committee- freshman-senior

Secretary of the Leo club- junior- senior (member freshman and sophomore)

Piano- certificate of merit level 6 completed junior year, 5 sophomore, 4 freshman (will finish 7 senior in march)

Teaching piano- freshman through senior, two hours per week.


Before ninth- two weeks volunteering in costa rica

Before tenth- three weeks johns Hopkins cty genetics course

Before eleventh- precalc at community college, Berkeley internship, one week outward bound

Before twelfth- 6 week science camp (I'm not sure which one yet, still waiting on acceptances)

So yeah I'm currently procrastinating my physics homework but I need some opinions for my English class, thanks!

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    COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY....or north dakota... you dont have a 4.2 just stop

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    9 years ago

    Hey, if your GPA wasn't so low, I'd suggest MIT or harvard? Seeing all your volunteer work and such, you seem like an over achiever so I'd suggest Cornell. Seeing the math, I'd suggest a nice Business school. Walton in Northwestern University in Illinois isn't all that bad. And Business is starting to pick up and be a GREAT field again.

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  • 9 years ago

    U should try though but Uconn is great and u might get into honors program and its a great party school and great sports

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  • 9 years ago

    go on they show tons of different colleges and the usually say the gpa range you need to get into that school

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    that is not completely correct

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