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What is the definition of a synonym?

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    Synonyms are words that have approximately the same meaning and use. If two words exactly coincide in meaning and use, the tendency is for one of them to drop out of the language. Wench, knave, and churl (girl, boy and peasant or labourer) became virtually archaic.

    True synonyms (where the meaning is the same in every sense) are very rare: gorse and furze, two distinct names for the same plant, are completely synonymous. But most 'synonyms' only travel part of the way together. For instance: 'Two phrases may have the same sense or meaning'---here sense and meaning are synonyms. 'A man of sense is not a man of meaning'---here sense and meaning are not synonyms.

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    A word that means the same thing or almost the same thing. Like shoe and sneaker or carpet and rug.

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    A word that means the same or close to the same (nice,kind)

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    Words that mean the same

    Example: happy, glad

    Big, enormous

    Tall, small

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    A word that sounds the same phonetically as another but is spelled different, and has a different meaning. Such as "tail and tale" or "flee and flea"

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