How Much Exorcise Would I Need To Burn Off......?

So i'm on a diet, and did it VERY bad today.

I started of With a Salad, At my cousins house i had one small to medium size peperonie pizza, then i had a small can of weenies, a "Chunky" soup which seems healthy to me(not sure) and half a coke.... What would i need to do to burn all this off?

Please dont be rude.(:



Actually though Campbell's Chunky soups are not entirely healthy the one i ate was 2 servings of 130 calories, which equals up to 260 calories.

The weenies were 232 calories with the servings added up.

And the slice of pizza was 290 calories...

And by the way, the salad i ate was only lettuce with a little ranch dressing, and lettuce does not have much calories.

So your trying to be rude (and don't say your not, because you are!) By looking at everything badly.

You should learn how to be a bit nicer, and i do know what im doing by what im eating and the choices im making.

Update 2:

By The Way I'm Only 17 Not Sure, But I Had Read Somewhere Teens Need A Certain Amount Of Calories. I Don't Want To Go To Close To The Amount Of Calories We Need, But Just Thought This Would Help.

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    9 years ago
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    That's not bad at all, I mean you seriously can't restrict yourself from everything.

    Just exercise for about a half hour to an hour. You should be fine :)

    Plus, you don't want to burn EVERYTHING off; just probably the coke and some of the pizza.

  • 9 years ago

    chunky soups are NOT good. If you ate the whole can your looking at 600 calories approx. those weenies, im guessing 300 cals. Half a coke? lookin at 4 tbsp of sugar, 97 calories. pizza? 300 cals. Salad is too vague, so im going to go on the ultimate high to 500 cals. (you can get carried away if you have alot of meat, white dressing, bacon, cheese, croutons, etc.)

    So that, as a totally rough estimate, leaves you with 1,797 calories to burn. It would take you several days of intense cardio to burn that off..

    You should learn more about nutrition before you do what you think is healthy

  • 9 years ago

    honestly, the old food pyramid diet and 20 min of exercises works wonders. make it a life style. diet and exercises for me is fun

  • 9 years ago

    wii fit? gym? walk the dog?

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